“It Was Really Scary” Samantha On Lockdown Implementation !!

Among many cinema celebrities who are spending their lockdown period by conducting photoshoots and Q&A session with fans, actress Samantha found a productive way to kill time and expressed her wish of making her followers and fans to join her.


Since the implementation of lockdown due to the spread of COVID 19 virus, the actress has been involved in home gardening. Most of her recent Instagram posts are about gardening and the actress admitted that she finally discovered something she is passionate about other than acting.

Check out some of her recent posts below :


Now, the actress released a video on the importance of gardening which helps us amidst during this uncertain pandemic situation. The actress said that she wants to take her followers with her journey of gardening. She remembers how people rushed to supermarkets like herself and her husband during the first lockdown announcement to buy groceries to stock without knowing how long the lockdown is going to last. “It was a scary time for all of us.It really boiled down to two important things – Food and Health of yourself and your loved ones. It really rattled me because we have been really taking food for granted” said Samantha mentioning the way we order foods online and get it delivered within minutes of time by using online Apps. “Swipe up in an app and food is delivered to you home. We never valued food” the actress added.


“So this pandemic had really taught me a hard lesson that we should never take food for granted. So I started this journey of growing my own edible garden and it has been so impouring and this is why I want you to join my journey.” said Samantha who called gardening as a “healing process” at this kind of difficult times. “Some of you will hate it and some of you will love it but you will never know until you try” she said.

Watch the video here :

Many of her 11 million followers in Instagram lauded the actress for the initiative and asked her to continue the process. Comment your views !!


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