It just took 36 Hours to finish the construction of this Bridge in China (AMAZING)

Chinese engineers have not only accomplished something amazing but also proved that you need decades to finish a construction. In a recent time-lapse video shared by CCTV America that came into light, the Sanyuan Bridge in Beijing is shown to be rebuilt in a mind-blowing 36 hours only. Just 36 hours!
 The 1,300-tonne bridge was torn down and reconstructed in a mere 36 hours. The beams which were worn out due to the wear and tear and regular use. The beams which needed ‘re-fitting’ was originally supposed to be done withing 24 hours, was delayed to 36 hours and still managed to create a record.
The bridge that is used by around 2,00,000 vehicles will be ready to open to the public within 48 hours after the reconstruction.


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