“It Is Not A Live Show” – Vanitha Vijayakumar After Walking Out Of The Show

Vanitha Vijayakumar came up with a series of tweets on Friday, expressing her thoughts on leaving the cash rich show in midway. The actress felt happy for leaving the show as she still feels it is a most irritating place to be. The actress said that she is still having nightmares of being inside the house and replied to some of the questions of her followers.


Vanitha Vijayakumar left Bigg Boss Ultimate show citing that she is facing mental pressure due to many reasons including the uncivilized behaviour of her co-contestants. While talking with her daughter recently for an interview, Vanitha said that she walked out of the Bigg Boss show due to the incidents that took place one after another inside the house. Starting from her co-contestants destroying her valuables to Kamal Haasan leaving the show due to his hectic schedule, a series of incident that took place inside the house made Vanitha leave the house, according to the interview.

The actress also said that Kamal Haasan left the show, not due to his busy schedule, but due to the quality of the contestants. After participating in the third season of Bigg Boss show, Vanitha took part in Bigg Boss Jodigal and walked off the show after having an argument with actress Ramya Krishnan who was judging the show.

Now, days after leaving the show, Vanitha came up with a series of tweets explaining about how she feels after leaving the show. The actress also made it clear that the show is not completely live but the makers are editing it as per their wish to create controversy.


“So glad I decided to walk out or even run out according to a few from #BBultimate .mad house, most irritating place to be…still going through nightmares of being in the house…it takes time to come out of the show even after u r out…no joke inside..the repercussions r deep” She said through her tweet.

“And regarding why we spoke about two ppl is the truth is that #Abhirami spoke about it herself in the house and it wasn’t telecast…many things even I said weren’t telecast..show is being edited to create controversy and curiosity it’s not LIVE as they r mentioning .it’s an Entertainment show which lost its entertainment factor and has become complicated and no one to ask against it. thanking God for trusting my instincts and choosing sanity and peace..still mentally getting over the #bbexperience” The actress’s next tweets read.

Check out her tweets below :

Here’s some of the replies she made to her followers :

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