“It Is A Molesters World” – Chinmayi After Seeing Karthick In “Super Singer” !!

After seeing Vijay Television’s most popular singing show “Super singer” inviting singer Karthick as one of the guests, Chinmayi, a me too activist, uploaded a tweet condemning the show as Karthick was named by multiple women in the “MeToo” allegation. Chinmayi said that “Me Too” allegations does not affect men’s reputation at all, in her tweet. Earlier Chinmayi questioned director Manirathnam for making Karthick a part in his anthology “Navarasa”.


“Platforming molesters is everyone’s problem. Karthik has as much support as does Vairamuthu. If I remember right, Mr Srinivas sent messages to people on social media that they must ‘think why the fraternity wont support me for my cause’. So yeah – bro code.” Chinmayi said in one of her earlier tweets.

Now, after seeing a promotional video of Vijay TV which shows anchor DD and Ma. Ka. Pa welcoming Singer Karthick for the Super singer show, Chinmayi and said that Me Too does not affects the reputation of men. The singer said that it is a man’s world and molester’s world and mentioned names such as Vairamuthu and Radha ravi.

Check out the promo here :


“Me Too affects reputation and careers of men. Hahah LOL. It is a man’s world. It is a molesters world. Be it Mr Vairamuthu or Mr Radha Ravi or anyone else. Please stop faffing to women that men have their lives ruined. Thank you.” Chinmayi wrote after seeing the promo.

Here’s her tweet :

Check out some of the replies Chinmayi provided to her followers who commented on her post :


Chinmayi is very much known for raising voice against women harassment as she one of the prominent names in South Indian movie industry who initiated #MeToo movement. Starting from accusing Vairamuthu, Chinmayi called out people who caused harm to women in the form of harassments, violence, cyber bullying etc.

She accused Vairamuthu by alleging that she was asked to “cooperate” and visit him in a hotel. In the wake of #MeToo movement, there are plenty of other women who have accused Vairamuthu on the basis on anonymity. But singer Chinmayi chose to tweet. She has recalled an incident where a concert organiser asked her to “cooperate” and visit Vairamuthu in his hotel room. She said that the incident took place in 2005 or 2006.


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