Is This The Main Reason For CoronaVirus ?? 9 Years Old Film Explained

The whole world is terrorized right now and is combating the deadly disease COVID 19 to avoid heavy damages. The virus killed more than 24,000 people across the world so far and is expected to spread and more. Every countries are implementing safety measurements such as social distancing and maintaining hygiene. The disease initially discovered in China and the most affected country due to the disease is Italy. However, the main, accurate reason behind the virus is still undefined.

Meanwhile, the Internet users are highly believing that a movie named as “Contagion” which was released in the year 2011, directed by Steven Soderbergh has the answer for the main reason behind this disease. The film revolves around how a deadly disease spread across the world through a woman who recently visited Hong-Kong of China.

A screenshot from movie Contagion (2011)

Online users are feeling that the film accurately portrays what is happening right now. The film shows how people are suffering and how the medicine is found for the virus in chronological order. Most importantly, the film shows how the disease made its entry into the world of humans and how people would behave if the situation gets worse. The 106 minute long film starts with Day 2 and ends with Day 1. The Day 1 was shown only during the last 3 minutes of the film in which we can see how the disease materialized.

A bulldozer knocks down a tree and disturbed few bats which flies from that tree during the wee hours in China. It sits on a banana tree and after eating a banana from it, the bat finds shelter in a pig farm where it drops the leftovers of the banana it ate. A pig which swallows the leftovers slaughtered and prepared by a Chef in a restaurant who shakes hands with an American customer. She happens to be the one who spreads it across the world.

Watch that particular video here :

The film which is a box office bomb, garnered several views from across the world since the Corona crisis in 2020. Check how Internet is feeling about the movie below :

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