“Is It Good To Mast*rbate Once In A Month ?” -Follower Questioned Chinmayi !! Singer Replied

Ina  question and answer session Chinmayi conducted with her Instagram followers on Friday, she received various kind of questions from different followers. The singer who is known for raising voice against the injustices that are taking place against women, answered to many female followers of her who complained about the physical/mental harassment they are going through by their in-laws or own family members.

She also gave beauty tips to some of her followers who asked and replied to those who appreciated her for her inspiring personality as well. Meanwhile, a follower asked Chinmayi whether it is good to masturbate once in a month which led the singer lose her temper.


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She also denied to give suggestions to a follower who asked her to suggest any home remedy for her deficiency in her pregnancy. Being a most prolific singer, Chinmayi is known for raising voice against the sexual harassment that are taking place against women and never missed to expose men who involve in abusing women verbally, physically.

After accusing lyricist Vairamuthu by alleging that she was asked to “cooperate” by him, Chinmayi became one of the most active personality in South Indian social media forum in helping women in calling out sexual predators. She has been sharing the anonymous messages that were sent to her on how men are involved in harassing women mentally and physically.

Ever since accusing the most influential lyricist, Chinmayi is also becoming a subject to online troll and criticism. However, Chinmayi didn’t stop calling out miscreants who involve in abuse/harass women through digital platforms and in person. On Friday, the singer conducted a question and answer session with her 8 lakh plus followers. To a woman who asked suggestion about a husband who hit her thrice, Chinmayi advised her to speak to a counsellor and said that the husband needs help.

Another follower said that his/her mother is verbally abusing her and asked whether he/she should “tolerate” or “keep distance”. Replying to the question, Chinmayi said that there is no need of tolerance and suggested to ask her mother to take therapy.


One more follower complained about her boyfriend who abused and forced her to have sex with her. Here’s how Chinmayi replied to that follower :


To our bizarre, a follower went on to ask the singer on how often he/she should “Masturbate”. When the follower asked whether it is good to masturbate at least once in a month, Chinmayi replied writing “Why are you asking me when you should masturbate ? I am not a sex therapist. Speak to an endocrinologist/ gynaecologist. I wonder if you will ask me next when you should poop and pee”

Here’s the screen shot of the question and Chinmayi’s reply :



She also replied to some of her other followers who asked whether loving a divorce lady is an offense and about gender equality. Check out some of the other questions Chinmayi answered to :





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