Is Bangalore Really Safe As It Is Said To Be? You Won’t Believe So After Reading This.

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6 years ago

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The start of 2017 wasn’t that good as expected. Goa was at its best. Pondicherry was rocking as usual. But the tech hub of India, Bangalore decided to lose it’s stability and watch young and teenage girls cry around, rather than joyfully welcome the start of a new year. Continuous assaults of women on this day render us to a point where we should think are women really vulnerable or are these men always go out of bounds? The latter sounds a more suited option.

Bangalore on new year’s eve witnessed a hoard of activities happening out of city. The city which is known for it’s late night pubs, parties and discotheques also witnessed something awkward, which hasn’t occurred much in the city. As a city which is known to be considerably safe for women witnessed crime rates relating to women soar to uncontrollable levels. The mass atrocity was so high that even an organised system of police officers proved to be inadequate to stop them, something which has again raised questions about women safety.


The photos show a molestation which happened in Kammanahalli area around 2:30 AM, where a woman was sexually harassed and robbed.


The woman who was walking alone was cornered by a bike with two guys. One got out of the bike and repeatedly molested the women constantly abusing her while the other stood on the bike. The woman eventually lost her wallet and moreover her pride as a woman after this incident.


She hasn’t filed a complaint with the police believing that there won’t be any proper measures taken in their side. However the police has lodged an FIR. Speaking to reporters on Wednesday, Police Commissioner Praveen Sood said, “Yesterday, we got credible evidence. We didn’t waste time and registered a criminal case suo motu. It’s a case of molestation clubbed with some attempt to robbery.” He added that police teams are working and are confident of arresting the accused.

Not just this, various such incidents has happened in and around the IT capital of India. With constant questioning by the public, the police are in a dilemma to act on what has happened in and around New Year in Bangalore upon which various convicts are expected to be sentenced serious judgement.

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