Investigation on Jayalalitha’s death to begin today?

5 years ago

A new commission has been appointed to investigate the death of late Chief Minister J. Jayalaitha. Retired justice Arumugaswamy has been appointed as the head of the commission and three months’ time has been given to the commission to submit its report. The first step of the investigation is scheduled to start today around 10:00 a.m. at Poes garden, the residence of the late Chief minister.

poes garden

A notice has been issued to 15 people, including security guards, house maids, servants, and also the driver. But there is no official information on the list of people to whom notice has been issued. Sources say that the 15 people to whom the notice has been issued, are already present in the Poes garden residence.

The first step of the investigation is to begin at the Poes garden residence only after a formal inquiry with all the 15 people. The inquiry starts with an intention to know what happened on September 22 2016, the day on which the then chief minister Jayalaitha was admitted into Apollo Hospital situated in the Greams Road. It is also planned to know, if she was unconscious while she was being taken to the hospital. It is also said that the second step of the investigation will be at an institution related to Apollo hospital. compress image 13

There are high expectations from the public to know the results that will be submitted by the commission.

Unfortunately, the investigation did not begin today as per the plan, as Arumugaswamy’s sister passed away at Coimbatore and he had to go to Coimbatore to take part in the funeral. Also there is no official information on when the investigation will commence.

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