Internet Trolls The Youngsters Who Boasted Their Castes !!

Despite of several movements and protests against the existence of caste discrimination in India, we could still see youngsters emerging praising their caste in social media platforms. “Neeya Naana”, a popular debate show conducted an episode by having both youngsters supporting casteism and youngsters who oppose it. Throughout the episode, we could see a number of youngsters supporting the caste discrimination despite of the losses they are facing. “No matter how many girls reject me, I will get married to a girl who loves my caste similar to me” says a youngster to Gopinath who hosted the show.


They are stating that speaking high of their caste gives them the pride. Though people of the other team tried to make them understand how caste system acts as an enemy to the growth of the entire Tamil society, members of “I support my caste” stood by their ideologies and denied to accept it. As the entire episode is streaming in hotstar, official twitter handle of Vijay Television uploaded a promo which made people to laugh at the youths who are boasting their caste.


The promo showed a youth enacting how he would behave if he sees a man from other caste in a “Thiruvizha”. “Let’s say a boy from other caste is walking towards me at a festival. I am wearing a dhoti now. If he is walking towards, my hand will automatically go to my dhoti to show attitude. I will twirl my moustache for the sake of it. It will give me a pride at that moment” he says to Gopi after enacting the scenario. “After seeing me folding my dhoti, he would look down and would leave the spot” the youth added.

After hearing it from him, Gopi questioned what he would do if a guy from other caste does the same to him in his village where the population of his caste would be high. Replying to him, the youth says that he will replicate his gestures. Further he denies saying that the guy from other caste would look down and leave. On hearing it from him, Gopi immediately trolls him by saying “people like you from King dynasty must not lie”

Watch the video below :

Watch another video in which a guy from “I support my caste” team opposing the reservation system without knowing the actual purpose of it :


Here’s a video of Samas, author of Hindu, explaining why reservation system functions in India and how educational system is failing to teach about it in schools.

Many people laughed at the guy who supported the caste discrimination on seeing the promo uploaded by Vijay Television. Many others who watched the full episode, roasted another lad who spoke high of his caste.

Check out some of such reactions below :



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