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Internet Thrashed “Dikkilona” for This One Dialogue!!

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Internet Thrashed “Dikkilona” for This One Dialogue!!

Dikkiloona starring Santhanam, Anagha, Shirin Kanchwala, Harbhajan Singh was released on 10.09.2021. This science fiction comedy movie have been receiving reviews from various reviewers. A scene in particular has been put into a heavy criticism. With reactions condemning the scene surfacing one side, a number of Internet users could be seen defending it as well.

Dikkiloona Movie Review: Comic portions save Santhanam's Dikkiloona
Dikkiloona (2021)

In the scene, Santhanam advises the heroine, saying that living life as per our likings isn’t freedom. Others should like the way we live and that is only freedom. He also comments on the heroine’s dress. “Your dress will get completely removed if someone pulls it a bit. Is this what you call as “freedom” ??” Santhanam could be seen uttering the dialogue to the heroine who was wearing a sleeveless top. This scene has made people label the movie under the lists of male chauvinism, body & slut shaming.

Arun Ashok, an Internet user condemned the scene by writing “Can’t believe some filmmakers still writing regressive stuffs & actors still giving moral lectures to a woman on what she can wear! Idhula “avundhurum, sugandhiram” nu rhyming vera!!” in his tweet.


Check out some of the other reactions below :

Few have compared the scene with Vetrimaaran’s answer to a question asked by a person in a public event. In the video, Vetrimaaran could be seen saying that one’s cloth shouldn’t disturb others mentally and even if it does, they should restrain themselves from criticizing the person who wears it.

We can also see few people supporting this claim of “Dikkilona” makers. They have said it is an important scene in the movie and asked others to watch the film completely before making condemnations.


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