Internet Reacts To A Hindu Man Beaten For Giving A Ride To A Muslim Woman!!


In Bengaluru, a Hindu man was assaulted for giving a lift to a Muslim woman. The woman was also verbally abused for going with him. This has been going viral on social media.

A Hindu man has given a lift to a Muslim woman. Seeing the woman wearing a Burqa, they were stopped by a Muslim mob. The man was thrashed and threatened by the mobs for giving a lift to a Muslim woman, as he was a Hindu. He was also warned by the men to never give a Muslim woman ride. They used abusive words on the man and he was hit mercilessly.

The Muslim woman was not sparred too. She was also ridiculed for riding with a Hindu man. The woman was asked if she is not ashamed to go with a Hindu man. She was made to get off the bike. She was forced to give her family’s phone number. Later, after knowing that she is a married woman she was insisted to give her husband’s number. Over the phone, the men from the mob have berated her husband and have mentioned that due to his impotence the whole community is ridiculed. While the husband tried defending they have asked him if he knows the intentions of the Hindu people. When asked for the address of their residence, the woman’s husband refused to give it. She was forced to travel in auto and was said they are concerned about the burqa.

Many people have reacted to this incident and have shared their opinions on the micro blogging site, Twitter.

Karnataka Chief Minister Basavaraj S Bommai, has replied to this incident on Twitter. He has said the police has taken the necessary actions at the earliest and arrested two accused. A case has been filed and actions are taken.

However, has not taken place for the first time. A similar incident took place in Telangana a few days back. A Hindu Dalit boy faced a more or less similar situation for giving lift to a Muslim classmate.


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