Internet Fumes Over The Video Of 2K Kids Running Behind The Car Of TTF To Kiss Him !!

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4 months ago

A viral video that shows a bunch of youngsters running behind the car of moto vlogger TTF Vasan to shake hands with him and to kiss him, is going viral in social media platforms with the users of it expressing their displeasure over it. Many wondered what went wrong among the youngsters of these days and few even wondered what could be the solution for it.

For causing traffic jam while attending an office opening ceremony of a filmmaker named Senthil, Police officials of Kadalur district filed cases under 5 sections against TTF Vaasan, a famous moto vlogger cum youtuber. Video of hundreds of youths thronging at the street where Vaasan made his presence is going viral in social media platforms.

TTF Vaasan, a youtuber who enjoys nearly 3 million followers for his youtube channel, grabbed the attention of the mainstream online users after celebrating his birthday with 8000 plus followers of him in Chennai. After uploading the birthday celebration video that last 30 plus minutes, TTF Vasan became a subject to the attention of mainstream media as media portals such as Sun news covered a piece about his birthday celebration.


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He caught into controversy after riding his two wheeler for over 200 kmph and showing the speedometer to the audience of his YouTube channel. Most recently, he faced legal action after making a video with famous youtuber.

In the video, Vasan drove his super bike in 150 KMPH speed which caught the attention of public. Earlier, D 3 police station filed TTF Vasan under section 276 of Indian Penal Code and 184 of Motor vehicle act. After that, three more cases were filed against him by Sulur Police station. However, the youtuber got bail for the same and stayed away from controversies.

Vasan released a video in his youtube channel, giving clarification about the video he released with GP Muthu. He said that he did the video only to make fun and cure the depression of youngsters and requested the media channels to go easy on him. He also expressed his displeasure over the media channels through his few other videos.

Recently, a report emerged saying that 5 cases filed against him for causing public nuisance. According to Sun news, Kadalur Police registered cases under 5 sections against TTF Vasan who made his presence at public for an office opening ceremony of a filmmaker named Senthil.

Video of hundreds of youths chanting “TTF” is going viral in social media platforms. It has been reported that the cops had to initiate lathi charge in order to clear the crowd. A video that shows a group of youths running behind the car of TFF to meet him and shake hands with him got surfaced in the internet platforms.

Watch the video below :

“What’s wrong with these 2K kids….. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ Terrible” a journalist questioned whereas another one said “Ivana lam onnumae panna mudiyaadha🤢🤮 emba aadraan! Also, car kuda lam odringalae da😭 i really hope someone save those dumb kids”

Check out some of the reactions below :


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