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Followed by the arrest of youtuber Madan, user of social media users raised voice against an individual named Rajesh who is known for uploading videos of piercing tattoo on the body parts of women in his youtube channel. He runs a tattoo studio in Chennai named H2O Tattoo studio and uploads the videos of himself piercing tattoo on the body parts of women and girls. Many users of social media platforms, including popular video jockey Parvathy of Galatta youtube channel, accused Rajesh of uploading private videos of women to gain money in youtube.


“He is uploading the videos with the consent of the women. He has been uploading videos of himself piercing tattoos on women’s breasts, hip and thighs etc and the videos are shot in various angles. People who are watching the videos are neither paying attention to the tattoo he draws nor seeing it with aesthetic sense.” said VJ Parvathy in a video. “Rajesh and the viewers know about it but we are not sure whether the women are aware of it” she added.


Parvathy further questioned on why Rajesh is only involved in uploading videos of women getting tattoo pierced. “Rajesh has been shooting videos with angles that would get him more number of views from the youtube audience. I have seen a video in his youtube channel where a girl screams in the pain while getting tattooed. Rajesh added an audio of an inappropriate scene from a movie and compared them both, video of which got lakhs of views” Parvathy said.

“Rajesh has been using these videos to establish his own brand and there would be no question if the girls uploaded the videos in their respective social media handles. It is a crime to degrade women to establish his own brand. Though it is uploaded with the consent of the women, it is a crime as the videos contains obscenity.” she further said in the video questioned the women whether they gave approval after knowing about his true intention.



“Though we can argue that it is the rights of every individual, every one us should act responsible for the sake of this society.” Parvathy said and asked people to see the comments surfaced in the most popular videos of Rajesh’s youtube channel. She also revealed about Rajesh changing some of the videos in his channel into private mode and requested girls to raise complaint if he uploaded their videos without their consent.

Watch the video below :

Source : Galatta Voice


Adding the video, Parvathy wrote “You just can’t expose a woman’s body for your benefit ! A qns 2 girls who give permission 2 capture while tattooing. Do you have the knowledge that the guy is USING your body to get his million views ? You feel proud abt it or what ?” in a tweet to condemn Rajesh.

Along with Parvathy, many other users of social media platforms condemned the videos of Rajesh through their respective social media handles and demanding legal actions against him.

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