Internet Called Out Unacademy Faculty After He Demeaned Students Who Doesn’t Know Hindi !!

A number of social media users came up with a video condemning one of the faculties of Unacademy, an Indian educational technology company, based in Bangalore. In the video, the staff could be seen demeaning South Indians who doesn’t know how to speak, read or write Hindi language. The video has created a huge outrage among the South Indian users of social media platforms with reactions of themselves expressing their displeasure over the words uttered by the mentor.



In the video, the faculty insists his students to learn Hindi more than English. He says that there is no problem in not knowing English language but one must learn Hindi language as he/she is in India. He believed that it is a disgraceful moment for an individual if he doesn’t knows language Hindi and said the same to his students. “It is an insulting moment indeed. Though the big companies hire people based on their English knowledge, you can’t manage if you doesn’t know Hindi in India.” the mentor could be heard saying.

He further said that people who doesn’t know Hindi could survive outside India but not inside the country. “It is shameful not to know Hindi language and everyone must learn it, at least a bit” he added. Watch the video below :


The video clip has gone viral in social media with reactions condemning the mentor for imposing Hindi among the people of South India. “I lived in Maharashtra my mother tongue is #Marathi and I don’t know know Hindi. Most importantly I don’t required any Hindi in our State. Marathi and English is enough for us in Maharashtra. @unacademy kindly apologize for this statement!” a social media user said whereas many others from different regions made similar opinions.

Check out some of such reactions below :


Apart from the people who belong to South India, many from Maharashtra also condemned the way the faculty tried to influence the students. They wanted Unacademy to take immediate action against him and some even stated that a legal action could be imposed on him.


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