Internet Called Out The Disgusting Comments Surfaced Against An 8 Year Old German Fan !!

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The match that took place on Tuesday between England and Germany in Euro 2020 ended with England winning 2-0. The historical win marks their first knock out victory against Germany in 55 years as their last win was at 1966 World cup final win. It was also their second European Championship knockout victory in 53 long years. The win also booked them a place in the quarter finals in which they will play either Sweden or Ukraine.


It is reported that 40,000 fans of England team were present at the stadium with a sum of German fans. While some decided to celebrate the victory in a polite manner, many decided to hurt a child who supported German team with her parents. She was seen sobbing with the flag of German country painted in her cheeks.

Watch the video below :

Thousands of fans were cheering when the camera panned to capture the emotions of the young fan who was being comforted by her parents after the loss of their team. Father of the girl, hugged her to console her when the huge number of people erupted when her footage was shown on the giant screen. Apart from that, fans of England also celebrated the girl’s sad emotion through their tweets.

A popular youtuber, supporting England team, said “never in my life have I been prouder to be English than when I heard a pub full of people erupt into cheers after seeing a 10 year old German girl crying in the crowd.” through his tweet. “The German kid in tears has made my night. F*ck you, you little c*nt. We don’t always get what we want” said another one in his tweet.

Check out some of their tweets below :



People took to twitter and called out the nasty behaviour of English fans. “How low have we sank that some people think its acceptable for a four year old little crying German girl to be called a [sl*g] and a C-bomb. They’ll be openly supporting and laughing about child abuse next,” said a fan whereas another one wrote “England fans making fun of the little German girl crying… This is why nobody wants England to win a thing.”

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