Interesting Facts About The Left-Handed People We Bet You Didn’t Know!

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In a world where 90% of the population are right-handed, the
remaining 10% happens to be left handed and their struggle is real. It is more
difficult for the lefties to fit in. Right from using scissors to struggling
with the awkwardly shaped school desks, lefties must be loaded with
superpowers. How else would they adjust themselves in a world tailor-made for
the right-handed?
Here are some interesting facts about left-handers!
1. Left-handers are better at art and architecture.
2. They have an easier time learning to use their right
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3. They are likely to drink 3 times more than right-handed
4. Lefties are likely to be on the extreme poles of
intelligence scale.
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5. Connections between the right and left sides of the brain
are faster in left-handed people.
6. Men are more likely to be left-handed.
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7. Lefties have an IQ over 140 than righties.
8. They have better underwater visions.
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9. They are scared more than right-handers.
10. They get angrier more often too.
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11. They blush a lot, a lot of times.
12. Many intellectuals and politicians are left-handers.

Some of you might have friends who are lefties! How many of
these facts have you noticed in them? And if you have anymore to add to these,
do comment below! 


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