Inside Jail Conversation With The Child Rapist & Killer Dhashvanth !! Watch Video !!

At the beginning of 2017, S. Dhasvanth was just another unemployed youth after an engineering degree. In a year’s time, the 24-year-old man was guilty of rape and murder of a seven-year-old child and is the prime accused in the murder of his own mother. However, there were always signs of crookedness in Dhasvanth, though no one expected him to murder a child. Before he was arrested for the murder of the child in February 2017, Dhasvanth was involved in a bike theft in the neighbourhood. However, no police case was registered, as his parents pleaded with the complainants and convinced them not to seek legal action. These unregistered cases were the first clue to investigators when they were investigating the murder of the seven-year-old child.

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Dhasvanth spoke to TV channels the day before he was arrested for the child’s murder, pretending to be just another neighbour giving a sound byte to media.
The complainant in one of the theft cases alerted the police about his past history after which he was marked as a suspect and was eventually ruled guilty by a court on Monday.


Dhasvanth managed to come out on bail in September this year on technical grounds and allegedly threatened the family of the child that they would be harmed, according to a complaint at the Chengelpet town police station by child’s father CDS Babu in November. Dhasvanth’s father, who had been stoutly supporting the techie from the time he was arrested for the rape-murder of the little girl, changed mind when he found his wife bludgeoned to death in the apartment on December 2 (2017). The son had killed her and escaped with the jewelry. Police later found he split the blood money with his jail mates David and James from the Puzhal prison. With his father withdrawing support, Dhasvanth depended on free legal aid counsel to defend him in the court.

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Now after a year , Apsara Reddy an Indian transgender woman who is a journalist interviewed Dhashvanth in her documentary about Puzhal Jail inmates “Unmaking of a Monster” which was aired in Behindwoods Air.

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The video showed various men having their time in Jail for the sin they did where most of them deny that they haven’t done any. Including A. G. Perarivalan who is a convict in the Rajiv Gandhi assasination case, she met so many prisoners.


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In the interaction Apsara asks Dhashvanth who still denies that he did no sin except trying to escape from the beat up of Police. He also says that he would find the one who trapped him in this rape and murder case.

The convict who interacts in English with Apsara says that he is completely framed by someone with whom he had ego clash with. He also says that police bought his sperm in a bottle and planted it as evidence in the inner wear of the victim girl.

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“If I was a business man’s son or a politician i would not be here. As I was a middle class person I could not get out with this one. I only escaped from the hotel to get escape from the beat up by police.” He also talks about his interaction with his girlfriend after the cases filed against him. Watch the video here :

It is reported that while confessing to killing his mother, he also told the cops that he would have killed the father too had he not been late returning from work that evening. The shattered dad later confessed to friends he had made the biggest mistake in life in bailing him out (September 2017), which he did out of paternal love. It cost him the life of his wife.


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Chengalpattu Mahila court, convicted techie Dhasvanth to 46 years of jail term and court pronounced the verdict in the case that involved rape and two murders by the accused Dhasvanth.


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