Insensitive Comments That Got Surfaced In This Educational Video Irked Internet !!

CM / Updated: 2020-09-15
12:41 IST

For trying to provide free education to public through online medium, a young teacher being objectified by a bunch of men has created rucks in the micro blogging social media site. Khushboo, a teacher whose videos on Mathematics lessons for school level portions can be found in youtube platform, got abused, objectified, trolled in the comment section for her appearance as a result of which she turned the comments off in her next videos.

The educational videos which were uploaded in youtube three years ago, attained the attention of Netizens after a woman complained against the comments her videos received through her twitter account. The woman who twitter handle name reads as “C” wanted the public to think about what all women are going through everyday.


Uploading the screenshots of the comments received by a video titled as “Example 16 Page No 19.16 – Surface Areas & Volumes R.D Sharma, Class 9th Maths”, C said that she wants to use her platform to bring attention to this comment section of the video.

Here’s the video of Khushbu where she teaches Surface Areas and Volumes, a 9th standard Maths :

With 2 and a half million views, the videos has received 13,276 comments so far. “Next time you mention ‘not all men’ or use other derailing tactics , think about what so many women go through everyday. I want to use my platform to bring attention to this comment section of an educational video, brimming w vulgar men.” read the tweet of “C” who couldn’t tolerate the toxic comments that got surfaced under the video.

Here’s her tweet :

The most worrying part about the comments section is, that we could see graduated men of professional courses such as Engineering, Medical, CA are proudly admitting that they are visiting the video for Khushbu. Other videos of Khushbu are also receiving similar reactions from men.

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Check out some of the other comments :

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Reacting to these kind of comments, one of a woman in twitter said “Can’t even tell how much I learnt from her videos when I was in 9th and they disrespect her like this. Men suck”. “Due to these kind of comments. . She stopped uploading videos 2 years back. . It used to be good channel but sometimes students doesn’t deserve good teachers” wrote another user.

Here’s some of their reactions :


We have seen people justifying woman harassment by reasoning the attire of the victim. Here, the woman was fully dressed and is teaching maths for class 9 students. Comment your views !!

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