Indian Football Team Captain Sunil Cheated Kerala Blasters In ISL??

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4 weeks ago

Indian football team captain Sunil Chhetri caught into controversy after scoring a goal against Kerala Blasters in the ongoing ISL tournament. He is representing Banglore team in the India’s biggest football tournament.

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Indian football star Sunil Chhetri has expressed his disbelief at the walkout staged by Kerala Blasters during their Indian Super League (ISL) playoff match against Bengaluru FC on Friday. The match was tied at 1-1 until the first half of extra time, when Bengaluru was awarded a free-kick. Chhetri, who stood over the ball, took advantage of the Blasters’ keeper adjusting his wall by scooping the ball over the defenders and into the net. The referee awarded the goal to Bengaluru FC, but the decision didn’t sit well with Kerala’s Serbian coach Ivan Vukomanovic, who called his players back and argued with officials before walking off the pitch.


Chhetri, who is the captain of Bengaluru FC, was left struggling to find the words to describe the incident, stating that he had never witnessed such a thing in his 22-year career. In an interview with ESPN, he said, “I’m still trying to figure it out. In 22 years of my career, I’ve never seen this. And I’m not saying it in a negative or positive way, but just a strange way. We are very happy to be on the happy side of it. We can’t wait to go to Mumbai and play the champions.”

While Chhetri was happy with the win, the walkout was a bitter pill to swallow for the Blasters, who forfeited the match, handing the victory to Bengaluru FC. The incident has sparked outrage among football fans, with many calling for an investigation into the matter.

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Speaking to the broadcasters, Chhetri revealed that he had asked the referee before taking the free-kick. “I always ask the referee (if I can take a free-kick) because if he does not allow, it wouldn’t happen. It was a bitter-sweet moment. First, we thought if the match would happen or not. But I’m happy that we are through to the semi-finals. Can’t wait to take on Mumbai.”

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The incident has raised questions about the conduct of both the Bengaluru FC players and the Kerala Blasters. While some have accused Chhetri of taking advantage of the situation to score the winning goal, others have criticized the Blasters for their lack of sportsmanship in walking off the pitch. The controversy has also put the spotlight on the referees, who have been accused of being too lenient in their decisions.

The Indian Super League has promised to investigate the matter and take appropriate action. In a statement, the league said, “The ISL has a zero-tolerance policy towards any form of unsporting behaviour, and any such incidents are taken very seriously. We are currently investigating the matter and will take appropriate action once the investigation is complete.”

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The incident has cast a shadow over what was otherwise a thrilling match. Bengaluru FC will now face Mumbai City FC in the semi-finals, while Kerala Blasters will have to wait until next season to try their luck once again.

Many fans of Kerala Blasters has been expressing their disappointment over the act of Sunil. Check out some of the reactions that, surfaced below :

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