Inbanithi vs Vedaant ?? Udhayanithi Got Upset

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Inbanithi, son of Udhayanithi Stalin is currently pursuing Business Sports Management. Earlier, reports suggested saying that he is going to become a football player. Now, in a recent interaction Sports Minister Udhayanithi Stalin took part, he expressed his disappointment over the anchor comparing his son with actor Madhavan’s son Vedaant who has been grabbing headlines for his athletic achievements every now and then.


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In the interview which was shot to promote Udhayanithi Stalin’s upcoming film “Kannai Nambathey”, anchor questioned about the recent controversy about Inbanithi Stalin’s leaked pictures. After answering to that in a lighter note, Udhayanithi happened to face a question on what Inbanithi Stalin is doing professionally.

The host also mentioned about the achievements made by Vedaant, son of actor Madhavan. Vedaant Madhavan, the son of Indian actor R. Madhavan and Sarita Birje, was born on August 21, 2005, in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. In 2021, he moved to Dubai for six months to train in swimming in preparation for the Danish Open in 2022. Vedaant achieved his first international medal, a bronze, at the Latvia Open in March 2021.


He also won seven medals, four silver and three bronze, at the Junior National Aquatic Championships in the same year. In April 2022, Vedaant won his first gold medal at the Danish Open swimming event. His impressive achievements at such a young age demonstrate his dedication and passion for the sport. Vedaant’s success is a source of pride for his family and his country, and he serves as an inspiration to other young athletes.

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Referring to the achievements, host of the interview said “We have been seeing Madhavan sir and his son who has been receiving medals in sports department” to which Udhayanithi responded by interrupting him. “Don’t compare like that, Inbanithi is doing what interests him. He is studying Business Sports Management right now. He came 15 days ago to Chennai and spent time with us”


“He is busy there, doing what an 18 year old youth would do. I’m not into his life too much. I don’t want to compare him with the sons with others as well. Let’s don’t talk about it as well. He will take care of his life and we will do our duty as his parents” Chepauk MLA cum Tamilnadu’s Sports Minister said in the video.

Watch the video below :

source : Cinema Vikatan

Inbanithi Stalin’s leaked photos with his alleged girlfriend went viral in social media platforms a couple of months ago. Answering to a question regarding the same in one of the recent interviews to promote his upcoming film “Kannai Nambathey”, Kollywood actor cum State Tamilnadu’s sports minister Udhayanithi Stalin said that his son is an adult and he doesn’t want to speak about the personal conversation that takes place between himself, his wife and his son in public. It is notable that Kiruthiga Udhayanithi Stalin, uploaded a tweet during the controversy, in a way shutting down the criticisms and mindless trolls.

“Inban is an 18 year old adult. There is a personal life for him. Don’t involve yourself in doing the cheap gesture of peeping into the neighbour’s house. Such kind of accusations being made against him is normal as he is a son of me and a grandson of the state’s Chie minister. As a parents, we shouldn’t go beyong some limit in his personal life and freedom. It’s his right” Udhayanithi Stalin said during his speech.

Talking about his wife’s tweet, Udhayanithi said “My wife’s tweet denotes similar meaning. She said don’t draw boundary lines for love. Don’t peep into someone else’s house”


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