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“I’m Not Looking For An English Professor” – CEO On Hiring A Skilled Youth With Lack Of English Speaking Ability !!



“I’m Not Looking For An English Professor” – CEO On Hiring A Skilled Youth With Lack Of English Speaking Ability !!

Mr. Arun Krishnan, CEO of nFactorial Analytics shared his experience on hiring an intern from a small town in Maharashtra. He ended up hiring him for his coding skills despite of his poor English communication, saying that he was not looking for an English professor role. The tweets uploaded by him impressed many users of the micro blogging social media site, including ace Indian spinner Ravichandran Ashwin. He shared the tweet in his twitter time line and said that Language is a communication medium and should never be a point of difference.



It became common for people, especially in India to value an individual’s skills based on his/her English speaking ability. Mr. Arun who is aware of the drastic difference between one’s skill and English speaking ability, hired the youth from a small town and set an example to his fellow Chief Executive Officers and youngsters who are feeling insecure due to their bad English.

“Interviewing an intern from a small town in MH. We asked him a question and after struggling to answer, the young man suddenly said, can I please speak in Hindi? I had no issues. He explained things beautifully. Knew his stuff. Hired him. Told him, am hiring for coding skills.” read the tweet of Arun Krishnan.


On seeing this tweet, a twitter user quoted a statement made by TV Subramanian of TVS Motors who had a huge success with campus interviews in 90s. When the other companies, including his competitors couldn’t even make offers, TV Subramaniam said “You are evaluating Engineers on their English Speaking Skills”, said the Twitter user to which Arun replied writing “Exactly! And the young man said, I promise to work on my communication skill sir. I said you communicate well enough. I am not looking for an English prof :)”

“Language is a medium of communication, should never be a point of difference.” Ravichandran Ashwin of Indian cricket team said.

However, people saw the gesture of Arun with different perspectives as well. A Twitter user shared his experience on a coder’s inability in handling client calls and composing proper mails. “Coding skills are all fine sir. Some good communication skills are necessary” he said. Check out some of such various kind of reactions below :


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