“I’m Going To File A Complaint Against Him” – Chinmayi After Facing Mental Harassment In Club House

Singer cum Me Too activist Chinmayi said that she is going to file a legal complaint against a Doctor named Aravintha Raj for mentally harassing her by saying that he knows the details of her medical reports through a psychiatrist. He made the claims in a social media platform named Club house in which people could converse with each other through audio. After Chinmayi expressed her dejection over the claims of the doctor, he called her personal number and her mom’s to “explain”. However, the singer has made it sure that she is going to make a legal complaint.


“I truly need help here. I need to understand what legal steps I can take for this. And if I can file a complaint with Indian Medical Association / Council against Dr Aravindh Raj.” Chinmayi tweeted by exposing the picture of Doctor Aravintha Raj.

“Dr. Aravindh Raj went on clubhouse, claimed he was my doctor, said he knows my psychiatrist, knows my hormone levels (!), my reports, that I was admitted in a hospital and he would reveal I am ill. Though this entire this a pack of lies this behaviour by a doctor is messed up.” she said in another tweet.


Reacting to the allegations, Aravintha Raj came up with a social media post saying that he won’t blame alcohol for what he did. He said that he will hold responsible for all his actions and asked “Sorry”. He also said that he spoke to Chinmayi’s mother and apologized saying that he feels sorry for the inconvenience. “Yes… That was me. I wont blame Alcohol for what I did. I hold responsible for all my actions. Sorry♥️ Spoke with concerned person. (Chinmayi’s Amma since Chinmayi didn’t take calls) Sorry for the inconvenience.” his post read.


In the club house screen recorder which is doing rounds in social media platforms, Aravintha Raj could be heard asking Chinmayi whether she would deny meeting a psychiatrist and mentioned about Kanchipuram Government hospital.

Here’s the audio :

Chinmayi, reacting to the Facebook post of Aravintha Raj, Chinmayi said “The concerned person here is me. This unethical doctor hasn’t reached out, spoken or apologised. And this isn’t an ‘inconvenience’ like parking your car in someone else’s slot. This was dissecting my mental health, asking if I was admitted in GH, that he had my medical records, battering me if I went to a psychiatrist more than a dozen times. No matter who comes and supports him -I am going to file a complaint. What he did to me, he WILL do to someone else.” through her Instagram story.


“Again I want to clarify, Called Chinmayi today morning for 6 times. Her phone was Busy and she didn’t reverted my call. They gave me an alternate number. I called that number. Her Mom took it. She knows what happened in Clubhouse yesterday. I spoke with her for almost 20 minutes and explained and apologised. Chinmayi called me back and she told me that she would do legal law suit. An Apology is all I can ask and that’s the maximum I can do. That’s it.” said Aravintha Raju in his next post.



Here’s how Chinmayi reacted to this post of him :



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