Ileana Got Banned From Acting In Tamil Cinema?? Check Why

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Ileana of “Nanban” fame got banned from acting in Tamil films due to an issue over payment with a Tamil cinema and based producer. Indian-Portuguese actress Ileana D’Cruz has recently faced a ban from acting in south Indian movies due to a complaint filed against her by a Tamil producer. According to the complaint, D’Cruz had taken an advance payment for a movie but delayed appearing for the shoot, leading to financial losses for the producer.

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Ileana D’Cruz is a popular Indian actress who made her debut in the Telugu language romance film Devadasu in 2006, directed by Y. V. S. Chowdary. She also made her Tamil-language film debut in Kedi in the same year. Although the film did not perform well at the box office, D’Cruz was offered numerous roles in other films, but her busy schedule prevented her from accepting all of them.


In 2012, D’Cruz starred in the Tamil film Nanban, directed by S. Shankar, which was a remake of the 2009 Hindi film 3 Idiots. The film received high praise from critics, particularly for the performances of the cast. D’Cruz’s performance in the film was particularly well-received.

Currently, D’Cruz has completed filming for Unfair & Lovely, an upcoming Indian Hindi-language social comedy film directed by Balwinder Singh Janjua and produced by Sony Pictures Films India. The film stars Randeep Hooda and Ileana D’Cruz in lead roles and is expected to explore India’s obsession with fair skin. The film is set to release in 2021.

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Over the years, D’Cruz has proven herself to be a talented actress, and her performances have been praised by audiences and critics alike. She has acted in a variety of films across multiple languages and has worked with some of the biggest names in the Indian film industry. With her upcoming projects, D’Cruz is sure to continue making a mark in the world of Indian cinema.


This news about her ban in Tamil cinema, has come as a shock to D’Cruz’s fans, who have been eagerly waiting for her to appear on the big screen again. The actress, who had been away from the limelight for a while, has been quite selective about her movie choices in recent years.


D’Cruz’s ban from acting in south Indian movies has created quite a stir in the film industry, with many people expressing their opinions on social media. Some have criticized the decision, stating that it seems unfair to punish an actor for a delay in shooting caused by circumstances beyond their control. Others have supported the ban, stating that it sends a message to other actors and actresses that they need to be responsible and committed to their work.


Despite the ban, D’Cruz has remained positive and focused on her upcoming projects. She has expressed her gratitude to her fans for their support and has promised to continue working hard and delivering quality performances. Many people have praised D’Cruz for her professionalism and dedication to her craft, and have stated that they look forward to seeing her in more movies in the future.

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The news of Ileana D’Cruz’s ban from acting in south Indian movies has caused a lot of buzz in the film industry. While opinions on the matter are divided, it is clear that the actress remains committed to her work and is determined to continue delivering great performances. Fans of the actress will undoubtedly be eagerly waiting for her next project and hoping to see her on the big screen soon.


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