“If You Go To Smoking Room Again, You Will Be Evicted” – Bigg Boss Warned

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3 months ago

Bigg Boss warned ADK, one of the contestants of the ongoing Bigg Boss show after he went to smoking zone despite the warning of Doctors who checked him up. Bigg Boss said that there is no other choice than terminating him out of the house, if his health gets weak again.

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ADK is a famous rapper who took part in the ongoing season of the Kamal Haasan hosting show as one of the contestants. In one of the recent episodes, he lost conscious and fell down in front of his housemates. When he was rescued and sent to Doctors, he was treated and sent back inside the house to continue his game.

Doctors, seemingly advised ADK, not to smoke in order to stay healthy. However, ADK continued to go to the smoking room and consumed cigarettes. Taking note of it, Bigg Boss called ADK to the confession room and warned him to not smoke again.


When Bigg Boss invited ADK to confession room, the rapper guessed that it must be to scold him for using the smoking room. As soon as entering the confession room, Bigg Boss asked ADK whether he predicted about the invite.

“Doctors strictly warned you not to smoke. I understand the stress and all but if your health becomes weak again, you will evicted from the house without choice” Bigg Boss said to which ADK replied “Ok Bigg Boss, I will obey the rules, I will take care of my health more seriously”

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“Your health is sick. If you are not going to take care of it, we don’t have anything to do. You look tired already” Bigg Boss said. “I can’t focus Bigg Boss. I understand that I’m committing a mistake but I do it to relieve my stress” ADK could be heard saying.

“This could ruin all your hardwork. Take care, Don’t go to the Zone again” Bigg Boss said before sending ADK to the house again.

Watch the video below :

Here’s how the viewers of the show reacted seeing the gesture displayed by Bigg Boss :


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