“We All Will Wear Hijab If This Continues”- Tamil Actress Released Video !!

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Tamil actress and filmmaker Lakshmy Ramakrishnan released a video in her youtube channel, condemning the boys who harassed a girl student after seeing her wearing a hijab while entering the college. Supporting the girl student who wear Hijab, Lakshmy Ramakrishnan, in her video, said that it is a kind of humiliation for the girls if they are forced to remove the hijab. In the end of video, the popular television host made it clear that if the harassment continues, all the women, including herself will come out of their houses wearing a hijab.

Prior releasing the video, Lakshmy Ramakrishnan, through a series of tweets, said that all women will wear hijab and protest if the harassment on female students didn’t stop. She also advised students to be united. “We are with our Muslim sisters, if you don’t stop harassing them, we ( women from all ways of life) will wear the #hijab . What have done to these young minds?!!!!” read her twee.


It all started after a student in her hijab stood her ground as she was heckled by a large group of slogan shouting young men wearing saffron scarves at a college named Mandya Pre-university college in Karnataka. In the video, the young woman was seen parking her scooter and heading towards the college campus.


On seeing her, a bunch of students wearing saffron scarves shouted “Jai Shree Ram” and advanced towards her. Identified as Muskaan, the lone girl student didn’t look intimidated as she was seen shouting back “All hu Akbar” by raising her hand. The men followed her when se walked forward. “What is the problem if I am wearing the burqa ?” she says to a person who wasn’t seen on the camera.

However, the men continued following the girl, chanting the slogan and the college officials stepped in to guard the girl and stopped the men. Watch the video below :

In an interview with NDTV. Muskan confirmed that only 10 % of the students were from the same college and others were from outside. “I was going to college to submit an assignment. There were some people who were not allowing me to go to the college because I was wearing a burqa. They were asking me to remove the burqa and enter the college” Muskan said, according to India Today.


Now, Tamilnadu based actress Lakshmi Ramakrishnan released a video supporting the students who wear hijab. “It is distressing to see the videos that are being released based on Karnataka hijab issue” Lakshmy said in her video referring to the video of Muskan being harassed by the mob. “People living their life according to their wish is a basic right. I have lived in a Muslim country for 22 years. With my experience, I can say that it would be a traumatic experience for women if we ask them to remove it” the actress said in her video.

Watch the video below :

“I strongly condemn corrupting the young minds for these kind of issues. I request those who are behind this issue, not to manipulate the youngsters. I request parents to advise their boys not to harass women” the actress further said and added that hijab makes women feel safer. She also requested media not to involve religion in this issue by talking about “Ponool” and other things.

Requesting Chief minister of Tamil nadu and Prime minister of the country to keep a full stop to this issue, Lakshmy Ramakrishnan said “I raise voice for my Muslim sisters as a woman. If this harassment continues to take place, we all will come out wearing hijabs”



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