“I Will Not Shut Up, Keep Trying” – Actor Siddharth !!


In a shocking series of tweets, Siddharth accused the members of BJP of making threatening calls to him and his family members for over 24 hours. The actor has said that he has recorded all the mobile number and is going to hand them over to the Police. He also ensured that he will not shut up and asked the miscreants to keep trying by tagging Narendra Modi and Amit Shah. To our shock, the actor said that he has received 500 plus phone calls of abuse, rape and death threats in a span of just 24 hours.

The actor also shared a screen shot in which we could see a Facebook user sharing Siddharth’s phone number and provoking others to harass him till he throws away the sim card. The user named Geetha Vasanth also says that it is easy for her/ him to find Siddharth’s cell phone number if he changes it. Sharing the screen shot, Siddharth said that India might survive COVID and questioned whether we would survive such toxic people.

Siddharth who firmly believe that his cell phone number got leaked by the Tamil nadu BJP members, wrote “My phone number was leaked by members of TN BJP and @BJPtnITcell Over 500 calls of abuse, rape and death threats to me & family for over 24 hrs. All numbers recorded (with BJP links and DPs) and handing over to Police. I will not shut up. Keep trying.” in his tweet.

Sharing the screen shot of people discussing about making Siddharth shut by harassing him, Siddharth said “This is one of many social media posts by BJP TN members leaking my number yesterday and telling people to attack and harass me. “Ivan inimela vaaye thirakka koodathu” (this fellow must never open his mouth again) We might survive Covid. Will we survive these people?” through his tweet.

Siddharth has been constantly raising voice against the ruling government as a result of the hike in the COVID 19 positive cases in the country. “When you are voted out of power one day, this country will truly be vaccinated. Its coming. We will still be here… at least to remind you of this tweet.” Siddharth replied to a tweet of BJP Bengal through which they promised that they will provide vaccine for free after getting voted to power.

Check out some of his other tweets against the BJP government :

He also condemned UP chief minister Yogi Adithyanath after he warned hospitals which reported about oxygen shortage.


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