“I Will Morph Your Photos & Upload In Po*n Sites” – Famous Celebrity Raised Voice Against Toxic Men

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Singer Chinmayi, in one of her recent Instagram videos, created awareness among girls and women who go through online harassment due to strange men and their blackmail via Internet. Through her video, the Me Too activist said that she has been receiving so many messages from girls and women regarding the same and instructed them on how to handle the situation.


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“I have been receiving such messages from girls most lately. They are being threatened by strangers over their photos uploaded in their social media handles. ‘if you fail to reply me, I will morph your pictures and make it as a nude photos and will also make a nude video to upload in porn sites’ says the harassers. They are going on to extort money from the innocent girls who are getting afraid of their threatening” Chinmayi said in her video.

“They will see for what are all you are getting fear and would threaten you accordingly. So many psychopaths are roaming in social media platforms to loot money in this way. Our society is made in a way of blaming the victims. Usually, girls will be afraid to open about it to their parents, please don’t” the singer further said.

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“Usually, parents would understand it. There are parents who tend to restrict their daughters as well. They will forget about the crime and criminal but would blame the victim. They fail to realize that their daughter never made a mistake” said Chinmayi and went on to add “if you are lucky and your parents are understanding, please don’t be reluctant to open about it to them”

“If your family fails to understand, tell about it to your close ones. Many girls are taking extreme steps due to these blackmails and extortion. Don’t fear for these kind of issues, there’s nothing to be afraid of in such issues. Just tell him to do whatever he can, if anyone threatens you” she added.

“Don’t feel scared. High chances are there for people in your known circle to do such blackmails. The only thing that they can use against us is our fear. We shouldn’t get scared at all. The one who is committing the mistake is them. Not you. If people from your circle are not realizing that the illicit video or photo of you is morphed in internet, there’s no use of having them in your life. Remove them from your life and stay safe, happy” she concluded.

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