“I Was Wearing Shorts & Tops” – Brigida On Acting In A Nu*e Scene!!

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CM / Updated: 2022-07-26
13:57 IST

While reacting to a reel video about her journey in Instagram, actress Brigida who made her debut as heroine through “Iravin Nizhal” of Parthiban, came up with a clarification about acting in a nude scene in the film. The actress said that everybody misunderstood as it was indeed a nude scene but she wasn’t totally nude. Further, the emerging artist clarified that she was wearing a shorts and top for the scene and asked her followers to share the information as much as possible.


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“Iravil Nizhal” which was released in theaters on 15th of July, has been made on a single shot throughout, according to the makers of it. Music composed by Oscar winning musician A.R Rahman, the makers are promoting the film saying that it is world’s first non-linear single shot film.

The film includes an ensemble cast including Varalakshmi Sarathkumar, Robo Shankar, Brigida and others. Brigida who is debuting through the film, in a recent interview with a private youtube channel, shared about her experience on acting in the film. She also opened on how she prepared herself and convinced her family to act in a nude scene that was required for the film.


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It has been said that the attempted single shot got completed only during the 24th take and the crew members broke completely when the 23rd take got interrupted in the 96th minute as they were about to complete the film in 100th minute. Sharing about her experience, Brigida said that she feels extremely happy to be a part of this project which was made in a huge scale with Rahman’s musical and Parthiban’s directorial.

“I was very much afraid and reluctant about doing the nude scene. I informed my parents that I got the offer to do a good character but that requires me to perform a nude and I don’t know how audience are going to receive it. But one aspect which convinced me is that it is a pure character. She is forced to face a situation and it is about how she handles it in that state. Audience can’t see that scene in a way they see a glamorous scene” Brigida said.


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“That could only be seen in a purest way. No one could see it in a wrong way. I had the fear, that’s true. Parthiban sir himself convinced my parents for me. He explained to them saying that it is a pure character and she happens to face a situation of that sort. If you ask me if it is worth to do that scene for a role like that, I would say “yes”. There would be so many artists in the film industry who will be ready to do that role. But, sir (Director Parthiban) thought that a girl with good attributes could bring that emotions. We successfully completed the filming” the young actress added.

Post the release, the film received mixed reviews from the audience and the critics. Now, reacting to a reel video in which a follower claimed that the actress acted in the nude scene without clothes, Brigida replied saying that it was a nude scene indeed but she was wearing clothes.


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“Everything is correct except one point. That is a nude scene but I was wearing a shorts and top. Everybody misunderstood. And using the thumbnail as I was sitting nude in the film. Whoever thinking the same, it’s not. If possible spread this” read the post of Brigida.

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