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“I Vote For Losliya” Said This Controversial Actress !! Got Trolled Hilariously !!



“I Vote For Losliya” Said This Controversial Actress !! Got Trolled Hilariously !!

The 95th day of Bigg Boss Tamil saw Kavin getting out of the house voluntarily as he wished to get himself evicted from the show with Rupees 5 lakhs which was offered by Bigg Boss. Sandy and Losliya burst into tears when they heard about Kavin’s decision. It should be noted that Kavin had so far faced nine eviction rounds and each time, the public voted in Kavin’s favour and made him stay on in Bigg Boss Tamil 3.



Losliya was in tears and pleaded to Kavin to reconsider his decision. Further she added that she too would quit the show if Kavin leaves. But Kavin gave Losliya a photo of her family and asked her to continue in the house for the sake of her family. Following the exit of Kavin, Losliya was seen crying near the exit door. Meanwhile, this episode made an impact among the viewers of the show as they started sharing their opinions about Kavin’s decision.


Evicted contestants such as Reshma, Vanitha supported Kavin for his decision. Vanitha who said that she supports Kavin for his brave decision, posted a tweet saying that she is going to vote for Losliya. She said that she is honest among all the contestants and needs experience to become a humble woman in future. She also said that Losliya is a good girl.


vanitha stills photos pictures 10

Check out her post below :

However, her followers trolled her for these tweets as Losliya is currently pleading to Bigg Boss to get out of the show. Check out some of their reactions below :


Abhirami also endorsed these tweets of Vanitha by posting an Instagram story in a way of supporting Losliya :

tyu 1

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