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1 year ago

Irfan, a popular youtuber who is known for making videos based on various kind of foods, released a video on Sunday revealing that he stopped his marriage, engagement of which took place months ago. The youth who enjoys nearly 3 million subscribers for his youtube channel, said that the girl whom he was supposed to get married to, didn’t sync well with him. Irfan said that he took the decision only after realizing that it was a good decision for both of them.

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“You all know that my engagement took place during August 2021 and I have told you people that I will be getting married during January month. Many of you people are asking about the same and there is nothing wrong in it as it shows about you concern towards me” Irfan said in the 5 minutes long video which he released in his youtube channel to clarify to his followers who questioned him in person and through their comments in his youtube videos.

“I have stopped my marriage which was supposed to take place during January. This is not something like a postpone or anything else, I have stopped the marriage event completely. I have been receiving comments regarding the same in daily basis” Irfan said. “Set Aagala guys” is what Irfan said as a reason for the cancellation of the marriage ceremony. “My thoughts and the girl’s thoughts were not same” he added.

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“Many of you could say that it was not necessary for a couple to have similar kind of thoughts but I didn’t feel was not right. When I said to my parents about it, they said that the marriage couldn’t be stopped as it was already announced to a whole lot of people. I tried to make them understand that I have only one life and I couldn’t do something that I don’t like. When they were stubborn about my marriage, I even met psychiatrist and tried to make things happen” Irfan said.

“I am a very passionate person and I do everything in my life with so much passion. When I can’t put my whole heart into something, I don’t know how to take it forward. I know I have caused a lot of trouble but it’s the best for me and the girl. In an arranged marriage, we should understand about the other person before getting engaged is what I understood” the food vlogger said.

“I have been suffering mentally a lost for past few months. It will be better for me if we don’t talk about it further” Irfan said and also updated about how he stayed away from home since 2nd of January. On talking about why he exposed about his engagement which made him to post the clarification video and made many people question him about the marriage, Irfan said that he is a lifestyle volgger and he couldn’t avoid exposing something that big happening in his life.

“I removed the engagement video and the pics as soon as I took this decision. This is a tricky situation, I find hard myself to face and tackle this. But I can’t make it too late on telling you guys, hence I did. Thanks for being considerate” Irfan wrotte as his description while uploading the video.

Watch the video below :

Source : Irfan’s view 



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