See how Chennai Corporation works Lethargically.. – MY STORY – SAM PONRAJ (Kottivakkam)

We all know how our Chennai corporation relays the road and again demolishes it.

Mr.Sam Ponraj from kotivakkam shares his experience –

“I live in Sriram avenue(kotivakkam). We already had a concrete road for 7 years and we were all maintaining it well”..

 But it was demolished by corporation…

Metro water people arrived and demolished the road..

 It was demolished and pipelines work happened..But they never relaid the road. We all have shell out from our pocket and relaid our colony road.

Ithuku avanga antha concrete road eh apdiye vitrukalam.

Chennai corporation should have a plan before laying road. They should finish the pipelines and EB work and then construct road. Hope Chennai corporation learns the lesson soon.


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