“I Regret For Winning Rs. 25 Crore” – Anoop, Kerala

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6 months ago

Anoop, an auto driver from Kerala who rose to fame after winning Rs. 25 crore through lottery, expressed his regret over winning the prize money. Releasing a video of himself, Anoop had said that people keep approaching him to get their financial needs fulfilled. The family man said that he is yet to receive the money but already got upset for winning it. The individual will be receive Rs. 15 crore out of Rs. 25 crore after tax deduction.

Anoop after winning Rs. 25 crore

Anoop won the first prize in Kerala government’s mega Onam raffle. “I have lost all peace of my mind and I can’t even reside in my own home as I am besieged with people who seek financial help from me to sort out their needs as I have won the first prize. I now keep changing where I stay as I have lost all peace of my mind that I enjoyed till I won the prize” he said in a video.

Anup who bought the winning ticket from a local agent ny breaking his son’s small saving box, is living with his wife, child and mother at Sreekariyam which is located 12 kilometres away from Thiruvananthapuram. “Now, I really wish I should not have won it. Like most people, I really enjoyed me winning for a day or two with all the publicity. But now this has become a menace and I can’t even go outside where I stay. People are after me seeking help from me” Anoop said.

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“I have not decided what to do with the money and at the moment, I will put the entire money in the bank for two years. Now, I really wish I should not have won this. Instead this, I should have won a lesser amount” he further added.

Watch the video below :

Anoop expressed his worry about people who were known to him will become his enemies now. “My neighbours are angry as many people who come looking for me hang around in the neighbourhood. Even while wearing a mask, people gather around me knowing I am the winner. All my peace of mind has disappeared” he stated.


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