“I Only Watched Vijay Movies In Theatres” – Emerging Filmmaker’s Confession

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Director Maari Selvaraj who rose to fame among Tamil audience through his debut film “Pariyerum Perumaal”, is expected to create another magic through his upcoming film “Karnan” starring Dhanush. The emerging filmmaker who is expected to cause a revolution in Tamil cinema in near future, in an interaction with a youtube channel, has admitted that he is an ardent fan of actor Vijay once. He said that he only watched Rajinikanth and Vijay films at one period and explained how Director Ram, with whom he worked as an assistant director, influenced him to make impactful movies by making him read a lot.


Actor Vijay, known for his huge fan base, was last seen in “Master” directed by Lokesh Kanagaraj. The actor who debuted 27 years ago in the Tamil film industry, influenced an enormous number of youths and kids. Several fan clubs are being operated only to celebrate him. Most recent example for the power of his fan base is a selfie the actor captured in the shooting spot of “Master”.

The tweet became the most retweeted one of the year 2020 which is a small example for the power of the actor’s online fan base. Many fans from the Tamil film industry such as Shanthanu, Sibi Raj, Director Rathnakumar are celebrating the actor for various reasons.

Two years ago, during an interaction with youtuber Abishek raja, director Maari Selvaraj disclosed about his admiration towards the actor in a most strangest way. The 37 year old filmmaker said that he doesn’t know about anything when he reached Chennai and said that he is a leader of a fan club named “Adangaa Tamizhar Vijay Rasigar Mandram”.


“I had a “reading” phase in my film and I also had a “writing” phase in my life. During the “reading” phase, the only job I had is to read. My director (Raam) gave me so many books to me to read and I kep reading for two long years. I don’t know if any other director would do it to other assistant directors. I went to several places only to read.” Maari Selvaraj said.

Mari Anandhi

At one point, to define his ignorance, Maari Selvaraj said that he was an ardent fan of actor Vijay once. “It is a power that gained from 12 years of travel. To be frank, while reaching Chennai, I was a leader of “Adanga Tamizhar Vijay Rasigar Mandram”. I only watched Rajinikanth and Vijay films in theatres” Maari Selvaraj said during the interaction.

The video is trending in Internet after two long years and the fans of actor Vijay are requesting the filmmaker to do a film with their idol.


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