“I Misunderstood” – Kamal Haasan’s Reply To A Tweet About Azeem Went Wrong

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5 months ago

Weekend episode of Tamil Bigg Boss became famous as the actor cum host addressed many social issues while interacting with the housemates. Talking about Azeem’s remark against Shivin, a transgender contestant, Kamal Haasan made it clear that they should be treated as mere woman and nothing else.

The actor cum politician also identified himself as a brother to the people who belong to transgender community. The way he warned Azeem and Manikandan for making fun of Shivin’s body language, impressed audience and the housemates. Many lauded the actor for handling the situation thoughtfully, in a way of creating awareness among the crores of people who watch the show.

One among them named Moulee uploaded a tweet appreciating Kamal Haasan after watching the episode. He whose Twitter bio says that he is a DEI strategist, curator of queerlitfest.com, said  “The way @ikamalhaasan called out Azeem and Mani for their trans phobic behaviour in bb Tamil last week would have reached many houses. Well done. And he didn’t stop with that, he asked ADK to imitate others and also showed the difference between what it means to laugh at others and laugh along with others. That’s powerful. And let us not forget, TV is an important medium. It reaches our homes, in our intimate spaces”

Here’s his tweet :

On being tagged, Kamal Haasan who came across the tweet, immediately replied to it after misunderstanding that the tweet was made by senior actor and director Moulee.

“Thank you திரு. மௌலி. You were one of the leaders who inspired humour without vulgarity or insult. We belong to a proud line of gentlemen and I after you” read the reply of the “Vikram” actor.

“I will attribute this to the mistaken identity humour 😉 But glad to know that my message reached you. And as a continuation I’ll take this opportunity to ask you to keep influencing the cinema industry to be kind to us – the lgbtqia+ community” author of the tweet replied back.

“I misunderstood that you are senior actor and director Moulee. Anyway, thank you for your appreciation” the actor said through his clarification.

Moulee made use of the opportunity and uploaded another tweet in his timeline, denoting how he was being trolled as “Chandramoulee” from Mouna Raagham and how he became Moulee, the director/actor by Kamal’s reply.

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