“I Love This Life Very Much” Old Videos Of The Legend Are Trending !!


Oldest videos of SP Balasubramaniam where the legend shares about his perception towards life, working experience, insightful thoughts on singing are trending in the Internet with emotional captions. In one of such videos, the singer says that he loves life very much and wants no one to die. Singer and actor SPB left the world today on 1 : 04 PM at MGM hospital while combatting the vicious COVID 19. He was getting treatment for nearly two months at the hospital with fans praying for his recovery. SPB Charan was giving his health updates. On Thursday night, Kamal Haasan visited the hospital to meet his “Annaya” for the one last time.

In the viral video which is doing rounds, SPB says, “I am experiencing this life with full joy and enjoyment. Life is something which is extraordinary. To get a life as a human is a blessing. I love my job very much. When I feel it is not giving me the joy, I will not be singing. The thing I regret about is, the people who helped me to reach this height are no longer with me. That’s why I am saying that I love life very much and I want no one to die. I want everyone to be with me. But it is not possible”

He further said that he ways takes the best out of the worst. “I take everything in a very balanced way. And I am enjoying my life. I don’t have any kind of dissatisfaction. I have all the thing in my life. God has gave me everything. I am very happy.” he says in the video.

Here’s the clipping :

Many more videos of the legend sharing stage with Kamal Haasan, recreating the Dasavatharam voices are being shared by the users of Internet in the memory of the legend, Check out them below :

The singer has set a guinness record for singing the highest number of songs in his lifetime. SPB has sung 40,000+ songs in his singing career which means he has sung 930 songs per year or 3 songs per day. This record of him is unbeatable by any singer in the world till now. As we all know, he also sung many private albums.


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