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3 months ago

James Vasanthan, senior television personality and music composer, replied to press reporters regarding the comment he recently made about the looks of actor Vijay. The “Subramaniyapuram” musician said that he very well know how Vijay fans would react to such statement by adding that it is his responsibility to mention about it.

James said that he happened to see a glimpse of actor Vijay while the audio launch show was being telecasted in Television. “As soon as I saw him, his looks disturbed me a bit” James Vasanthan said.


“I felt Vijay could have combed his hair, trimmed his beard and worn a proper dress to match with the grandeur of that event. He could have thought that it is simplicity and his fans might argue but simplicity and appropriateness are two different things” he further said through his post.

Further, James said that people are wearing certain clothes to attend face to face interviews as each and every place has its norms for looks. “Vijay’s influence among public is extreme. He should teach such things to his followers without using words” the musician said.


“In this country, Cinema and cricket became  oxygen. Though celebrities who belong to those fields like it or not, there are some responsibilities for him/her. Where else would a youngster go to learn how to dress for respective events??” he asked.

“I can understand that you have donned all kind of grand clothes in your movies and like to stay this way in real life. But, this is a public stage and an ardent young fan is watching you” he further added.


The musician’s speech irked many fans of actor Vijay as they could be seen defending their idol through social media platforms. Few even hurled abuses at the musician for commenting Vijay’s look. Now, reacting to the same, James said that he expected all those abuses.

“I know that no one except me will write against a star like Vijay. But I felt it was necessary. Don’t I know that his fans would attack me if I make such comments about him??” James Vasanthan questioned.

“I felt that I had the responsibility to talk about it. I never got scared of confrontations. Else, I wouldn’t have survived in the television industry for 27 long years” he added.

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