“I Have Crossed All My Boundaries” – Celebrity Photographer Prashanth

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5 months ago

After being called out by several women in social media, famous photographer named Prashanth came up with a post in his Instagram handle, seeking apology to the public and women whom he harmed through his messages and his person. Saying that he understood about himself crossing the boundaries, the photographer wanted his profession not to be attributed with the accusations levelled up on him.

“Dear All, In view of serious allegations against me, I owe you all an explanation. I understand only now that I have crossed my boundaries, for which I feel a great sense of regret and shame” the photographer said through the post that he uploaded in his Instagram handle.

“I apologize deeply and wholeheartedly to those who were offended by my actions, felt violated or felt that I had crossed my boundaries. However, I make it abundantly clear that had no repulsive intent or detestable scheme on my mind. Be that as it may, I would also personally apologize to each and everyone of you for causing any sort of remorse” he said in his post, comment section of which he turned off.

“I wish everyone had the time and patience to know the full story before they branded me. Nonetheless, I emphasize that I owe an apology to not only those I’ve annoyed but also to the community at large” third slide of his post read.

” Most importantly, my passion for photography can in no way be attributed to the accusations levelled upon me. I have never abused my position as a “photographer” or a “professional” to such ends. Hailing from a modest background, I had toiled so hard to get where l am today. One can regain lost wealth or career but cannot revive the character of a person” Prashant further said.

“To err is human. I promise that I will strive to be a better person. I promise to be extremely empathetic, respectful, kind and understanding.
My most sincere and unconditional apologies” he concluded.

Here’s his post :

It all started after a number of female Instagram users accused a celebrity photographer named Prashanth for sexually harassing them through the photo/video posting online app. Screenshots of the photographer who enjoys 3 lakh plus followers in Instagram, flirting with women and inviting them to meet him personally keeps surfacing through Saranya Ravichandran, an aspiring model. The photographer is even accused of sending obscene pictures and videos to the women who chat with him regarding photoshoots/business purposes. Also read : “He Used To Call Me As Akka” – Aspiring Model Saranya About Prashanth, A Celebrity Photographer



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