“I Don’t Need His Money” – Famous Actor Who Worked With Ajith Kumar !! WATCH

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CM / Updated: 2021-03-16
15:32 IST

Popular dance choreographer and actor Sivasankar recently appeared in an interaction with a private youtube channel and expressed his disappointment over actor Ajith kumar for not giving him acting opportunities after working together in “Varalaaru”. The 72 year old dancer said that he even visited the house of the “Thala” actor but sent away by the watchman.


Sivasankar Master says that he worked in 1300 films in 10 languages so far. He predominantly worked in South Indian films and worked with almost all the high profile actors of South Indian film industry. In this recent interaction, the dancer master cum actor has talked on his experience in the film industry. While talking about working with Ajith kumar in “Varalaru”, Sivasankar expressed his disappointment over the top tier actor.


“Yes I taught dance to “Thala” in Varalaaru. I am not denying the fact that he praised me for the work I did for the film. Has he ever called me to work with him again ?? Did I cause any harm to him ? I will get many opportunities if he says one word about me. But he didn’t say it. Am I asking money from him ?” Sivasankar Master asked through the interview.


Further, the dance choreographer revealed what happened when he tried visiting the house of the actor. “When I tried entering his house, the gate keeper sent me away. He could have seen me through the camera which was planted at the gate. But didn’t call me. These incidents hurts me the most” Master said.


However, he wished god’s blessings for the “Mankatha” actor. “He is a good human being. helping a lot of people. I want him to live for a long time.” he added. Watch the video below :

Video source : India glitz



Being one of the leading actors of Kollywood, actor Ajithkumar enjoys a huge fan base in Tamilnadu. Despite of getting a humongous amount of love from his fans, Ajith refused to have fan clubs and dismantled it few years ago as he wants his fans to look after their families. This only increased the love of fans for him as they started admiring him more for his attributes. So far he had acted in 59 films and is currently working on his 60th project named “Valimai”.

Producer of the project recently announced that the updates of the film will be start surfacing from 1st of May which marks the 50th birthday of actor Ajith kumar.

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