“I Don’t Do It Myself” – Kangana Ranaut’s Reply To A Young Artist

  • Kangana Ranaut
2 years ago

Bollywood actres Kangana Ranaut who is known for her controversial tweets, recently posted a tweet regarding her sex life while replying to a 19 year old young actress Priyanka Paul. Mumbai based Priyanka Paul is the newest feminist artist who is pretty much active on social media platforms. Priyanka is passionate about issues of feminism, racism, LGBT rights and other social issues that need speaking up about.


Recently Priyanka responded to a tweet through her official twitter account which talked about mental health. “Have you ever – self harmed – contemplated suicide – bailed on plans because you couldn’t bear to face people – lied about how you really feel – broken down in public – hidden in a bathroom to have a meltdown Then RT this and let people know how common falling apart is.” the tweet read.

Responding to the tweet, Priyanka cheekily said “somedays I’ve done all of them together and that’s what i call multi-tasking”

Kangana Ranaut who saw this tweet of Priyanka Paul, mocked her for speaking out on mental health and also criticized her appearance. “You have admitted you are suicidal, you are toxic, you even have a creepy appearance – what is it that you don’t have? Change that hairstyle ASAP and learn to meditate” by writing “Apni halat dekho kuch lete kyun nahin? Self admittedly Suicidal ho, toxic ho, creepy looking bhi, aisi kaun si kami hai jo aap mein nahin? Mujhe gyan mat do mujhse gyan lo, change that hairstyle asap and learn to meditate”



On seeing such tweet from the 33 year old actress, Priyanka who decided to end the exchange for once and for all, wrote “Go f#ck yourself.” to which Kangana replied saying “No no no I am hot and sexy I don’t do it myself”

This exchange from the duo garnered huge attention from the users of twitter. Priyanka who doesn’t want to end it this way, posted another tweet writing “lets take a moment to think about how Kangana Ranaut, a 33 year old woman, padmashri recipient (apart from dragging my mental health and mocking my appearance) also thinks that in 2020 having sex is some sort of achievement. Ma’am have you seen men? They will f#ck anything”


Enormous number of people came in to defend Priyanka Paul who got attacked by Kangana. “33-year-old Indian actress claims moral superiority over a 22-year-old woman for not… masturbating????” asked a twitter user whereas many shocked over the language used by the duo.

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