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“I Can’t Even Stay In My Own House” – Woman Mentally Harassed By Her Apartment Watchmen



“I Can’t Even Stay In My Own House” – Woman Mentally Harassed By Her Apartment Watchmen

The number of crimes against women in country India are increasing in large scale. Followed by the several sexual harassment cases against women that are taking place in a constant manner, a tweet thread shared by a woman on how she is feeling unsafe in her own house, left the users of the micro blogging social media site appalled.


Safety of women have always been a concern and a topic of discussion in India. According to a poll by Reuters, India has been ranked the most dangerous country out of the world’s 10 worst countries for women. Almost every day, we hear cases of sexual violence which includes gang rapes and brutal murders, followed by protests and demonstrations, or online petitions, being filed for the safety of women.


But even legal recourse has not stopped eve teasing, sexual harassment, rape, and domestic violence against women, as part of their patriarchal bid to display the male superiority. This is, undeniably, one of the prime reasons why violence against women is increasing in India.

Unfortunately, stalking is not given enough attention in India, because of the casual attitude of the society and the requirements they are seeking from a women to prove their accusation against an individual. On Thursday, a twitter user named “Reddy oda blue sister”, came up with a series of tweets before attending her exam, explaining how she is feeling about the two men who are supposed to guard the apartment she is living.

Through her tweet, Reshma (name changed) said that the two men who are aged 30 and 60 are working as watchmen in her apartment. She says that they always looked creepy and involved in doing annoying things. That’s not what made her to rant in twitter but the disclosure of her cook on what they talked about her did.


Reshma says that the two men have saved her phone number and showed her Whatsapp display picture to the cook before making inappropriate comments on her. The cook who couldn’t fight them due to the fear of losing her job, disclosed about their activities in an apologetic tone to Reshma.


“Now I learn that they are one step away from getting into sexual offenders list means. What the f*ck. I can’t even stay in my own house comfortably because of such sleaze bags. What does a woman have to do to feel safe in her own house?” says Reshma and worries about the fact that she couldn’t make a complaint against them in her apartment association as she doesn’t have any proof against them.

She also says that the comments were made, not only by the 30 year old male but also by the 60 year old. Reshma doesn’t want people to advice her on visiting police station instead she wants them to complaint against them on behalf of her. “I am ranting here. Not asking for what I can do. I know what I can and cannot do in this situation. This is a rant and only that. Empathize if you can, ignore if you can’t. Don’t come with unsolicited advice because I will bock you… I won’t care if you are friend!” she concluded.

Check out her tweet thread below :


This is not a plight of “Reddy oda blue sister” alone but many girls who are residing in an apartment, colony or even in an individual house. The victim who is willing to report more harassment cases, says that she got harassed during her college days and in different work places which made her refuse to work under a male boss. “My current boss is a woman” she says.

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