“I Can’t Believe You” Popular Film Producer On Prashanth’s Accusation Against DMK !!


After seeing the accusation of movie reviewer Prashanth against the DMK party, popular movie producer Dhananjayan who is known for producing films such as Vellithirai, Raman Thediya Seethai, Kanden Kadhalai, Aval Peyar Thamizharasi, Siddhu +2 , Settai, Mr. Chandramouli, Kaatrin Mozhi, came up with a tweet saying that he couldn’t believe him.

Popular youtuber Prashanth who is known for reviewing Tamil movies in his youtube channel “Tamil cinema review”, on Wednesday, came up with a series of tweets accusing a DMK member named “Manoharan” for cheating Rs.57 lakh from his family in the pretext of buying their land.

The film reviewer said that he is not disclosing about the details of the incident due to the upcoming election but due to the depression his family went through for past 10 years. Through his tweets, he also said that the politician has cheated 30 plus people who belongs to in and around of Tiruppur so far and added that he is still free despite of the 10 plus cases filed against him.

“My father got cheated by a DMK member 10 years ago. His land was grabbed and his business got immobilized. After 5 years of struggle, we got the judgment from court but we still couldn’t get our land or money” said Prashanth by tagging DMK leader MK Stalin.

Check out his tweet below :

Prashanth also shared the picture of Manohar and warned his followers not to get cheated by him. “The cheque he provided got bounced after he bought our land. The amount we got cheated is Rs. 57 lakh.” he said in one of his tweets.

Now, replying to this tweet of the movie reviewer, Producer Dhananjayan came up with a tweet saying that he couldn’t believe the accusation of Prashanth. “I cannot believe you/your family accept a cheque & register a land, that too for 57 lakhs @itisprashanth… no one will do. DD is the only instrument people take for registration. So this looks like an unbelievable accusation”

Prashanth replied to this accusation of Dhananjayan by saying that he would share the copy of the judgment he received. “Namakku ethiri veliya illa. Will share judgement copy thalaiva.” his tweet read.

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