How Sasikala Became Pauper From Being A Topper Overnight Explained In 10 Steps


After the court’s verdict has come in a view opposing Sasikala and sentencing her to a 4 years behind bars, let’s take a look at what got her here.

1) After Jayalalitha’s death there came a void in the AIADMK party’s leadership as to who should be elected the new Chief Minister and the General Secretary. Panneerselvam was initially made the Chief Minister and the general secretary post was laid empty as for then. Sasikala quoted that she had no interest in power.

2) By the month of January, Sasikala has changed her stand on the party’s functionaries. She told that she had no intention to opt as the party’s general secretary but if MLA’s asked her to, she’d step up her game. And so by January , Sasikala was made the party’s general secretary but again,she announced that she wasn’t interested in being the Chief Minister.

3) Later, even this view was altered. There were sudden buzzes of ‘Chinnamma’ becoming the new Chief Minister and as to name the rumors true, Panneerselvam resigned his post paving way for Sasikala to become the new CM.

4) The condition got twisted right from this point. The first stage of opposition was laid down by P H Pandian, an elderly and a senior most leader in the AIADMK party who quoted that Jayalalitha had no intention of making Sasikala heir political heir.

5) OPS followed suit, claiming he was forced to back off from the post of Chief Minister. By the end of the day, OPS, P H Pandian and his son Manoj Pandian joined hands together, which led to a revolt within the AIADMK party.

6) The group whose actions were regarded not feasible to do anything major to the current stake of the AIADMK party suddenly gained attention after repeated leaders started to support OPS’s claim.

7) Sasikala eventually had a meet with the legislators and had them housed in the luxurious resort on the outskirts of Chennai. Though her support started to dwindle, even now Sasikala has enough support to form a single majority.

8) The governor was postponing his judgement as to who’d be the new Chief Minister after the result of Sasikala’s disproportionate assets case , as the result would make his decision more feasible.

9) The supreme court judges Justice Pinaki Chandra Ghose and Justice Amitava Roy finally laid rest to the case by sentencing Sasikala, Ilavarasi and Sudhakaran to 4 years of prision thereby banning her in contesting for public election for 10 more years.

10) After the result was announced, Sasikala’s lawyers said that she’d not be surrendering soon and has asked a month’s time, citing she was suffering from illness.


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