“How Much Money You Paid For Camera Man” Asked An Insta User !! check How The RCB Girl Replied !!

Deepika Ghose, who became an overnight sensation after being spotted cheering for Virat Kohli’s men in one of Royal Challengers Bangalore’s games in the just-concluded Indian Premier League (IPL) has said that life hasn’t been the same for her since the video went viral. Disappointed at how she is now seen only as an RCB fangirl, Deepika said that there is definitely more to her personality.

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It was during RCB’s game against Sunrisers Hyderabad that Deepika was spotted by one of the host broadcaster’s cameramen at the M. Chinnaswamy Stadium. The video went viral the next day and she even got a verified status on the photo-blogging website Instagram.

She is not only an ordinary cricket fan but someone with pretty strong B-town connection as she works with them as a stylist. Going by her Instagram feed, it seems that she has worked with many celebrities and fashion events in the town. That is the reason she has pictures on her feed with Bollywood biggies.

After getting more than 3 lakh followers in Instagram, Deepika assured her roiginal Instagram ID with a post and yesterday she conducted a question and answer session with her followers. She replied to many of followers including to those who aksed why she deleted all of her old posts after getting famous. One of the user went one step ahead and asked her to delete her account to avoid abuses.


Check out her answers here :

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Check out some of the other Instagram stories of her :




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Deepika Ghose earlier replied to all the negativity she received from the male and female followers of her. Concerned with all the negativity, the vulgarity and the horrific things she got to read about herself led her to come out and address this issue openly:


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My name is Deepika Ghose & that is probably the only thing that is being said about me which is 100% TRUE. It all started on the Saturday of the RCBxSRH IPL match. I have been attending RCB matches for many years. It has become a family tradition to watch, cheer and support our Bengaluru team. When we went for the match on May 4th, I did not expect it to be different. I did not want any recognition or realise the number of times that I was on camera. I am no celebrity, just an ordinary girl who was enjoying the match. I did nothing to warrant the kind of attention that ensued after the TV images appeared & I certainly did not seek it. I have much to be proud of – I am a kind, artistic & hardworking woman. I am well educated, well-travelled and well loved by my friends and family. I have many talents and have excelled at my work as a stylist and as a dancer/teacher/entrepreneur. I do NOT consider being seen on TV at an IPL match an achievement. Many people ask me how my life has changed. It has NOT! The only thing that has changed is the number of my Instagram followers. I am as much in shock as all of you. While I am grateful for the love, I am disturbed by the unnecessary negativity. It has been an extreme case of abuse, trauma and mental torture. I am confused as to how people found my name/profile. My identity, privacy & life have been hacked in an instant. A lot of the overnight followers are men who have used this platform to be crude, vulgar, vicious & entirely disrespectful. Even more shocking is the hate I have received from women. How quick & cruel you have been to say mean things to & about me without even knowing me. I AM ONE OF YOU! The world desperately needs more women supporting & uplifting each other. I am appalled by how I have been judged & condemned instead of being given a compassionate hearing. Stop & think about how it is as a girl to have been subjected to this unwanted attention. So many people have asked me why they should follow me – and you are right to question this. Now that this has happened, I am going to turn this into something genuine, meaningful & fabulous. Yes, I am #theRCBgirl but I am SO MUCH MORE THAN THAT.

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