How miserable the life is at Sairam engineering college – A passed out student opens up

Heart wrenching to read depressing, humiliating impact of rules of Sri Sairam Engineering College on a male student. He shared it on Redditt :

My Class mate’s confession on reddit


Im a former student of the college. Most of these rules existed back then too. The college management seems to be refusing this document was issued by them in media. I know a few juniors in college who confirmed that this circular was read in class 2 weeks ago. College life in Sairam is like a jail.

They have a saloon shop inside the college. You cant sport a beard or a goatee. No colored hair, No spiked hair.I didn’t have a beard back then but had some facial hair on my chin.I shaved for the first time in my life at college. If your hair grows below your ears you have to cut it . You can’t grow long hair. They will ask for your ID card and you need to go to the Saloon shave or cut your hair. Only then you get your ID card back.


During the first week of my 1st year in college i was stopped at the college gate for wearing a formal shirt which had white collar and white handcuffs. Apparently to them that wasn’t a formal shirt. They told me not to wear it again. They asked for my id card and I had to pay 50 Rs as fine to get it back.This was just 5 days after me joining the college.

They have people called floor assistant or supervisor who stand at the college gate every morning checking every student entering who dont wear a ID card, has a beard or flaunt any of the rules mentioned in that list. If your caught they ask you to remove your ID card and you have to pay fine or change clothes or shave your beard to get your ID card back.


If you fail in unit or cycle test you have to write Retest. If you fail in Retest you have to write Re- Retest. If you fail in Re-Retest you have to write the question paper 5 times. If you don’t submit it your id card will be removed.

If you fail in semester or cycle test you have to attend special coaching classes every day after college for 1 hour!

You cant talk to girls ever.Your screwed if your caught talking to girls.


No mobile phones and laptops. If mobiles phones are seized you cant get it back until you finish 4 years in college. You have to pay fine. If you want to bring your laptop you need to get a letter from Head of the department and put an entry when you enter college.

Girls and boys have separate stair case and path.While entering college, girls and boys have separate block to enter and go to class room. Girls shouldn’t come in that staircase meant for boys.

No sports shoes or jeans for both boys and girls.Only leather shoes. Even after you pass out you cant enter into college with jeans or your mobile phone. 2 years after I passed out of college I was invited as a Chief Guest to give a guest lecture to my juniors. I had to give my cellphone while entering the gate and got it back only after I left the college!


Students shouldn’t bring Non-Veg food to college. Reason given was that many insects and animals have started to dwell in the college campus due to the disposal of waste Non-Veg food items brought by students!


They collect fines for every stupid reason one can think of!

The rules in this college made me lose my interest in studying. I failed in most cycle test,retest,re-retests too.Used to fail sometimes even all 6 subjects in cycle tests.. yea even 0/100. Attended most retests, special classes from 1st year. I made sure I passed in Semester exams though.I wasted my first year.But during the starting of second year,instead of wasting the next 3 years without studying , i decided to do something useful, something I was interested in.I did some research work on assistive technology for visually impaired people.Presented my papers in lots of national research paper conferences and got invited to international research conferences in USA and Singapore. Once I failed in 5 subjects out of 6 in my 7th semester University exams. I was too focused on my research work and trips abroad I didn’t focus much on semester exam.


If you fail in more than 1 or 2 semester exams, you will have bring your parents for counseling with college chairman and HOD. You are humiliated and sometimes get beaten during counseling in front of your parents. I didn’t get beaten though. I had 100% attendance. All my staff liked me because I always respected them and didn’t get into any mischief. Never had a black mark. Im sure all my teachers can vouch for it even now.I scored around 83% during my high school board exams.I was just a kid who hated to study because of college but still loved learning. I had won many national level paper presentations and was one of the first few students from my batch who went abroad for international research conferences. So they didn’t have much to blame me for except for my marks during counseling.


During my counseling , I was humiliated. Chairman pulled my hair and asked me to do 20 sit-ups. Asked me to pay the sum of Rs.30,000 if i didnt do situps,which the management paid for my trips for research conferences abroad though my entire expense was more than 1 lakh. Just did what he said, coz my dad couldn’t afford to pay it back because of our financial situation back then. He laughed when I said im not attending placements since I was starting a company. He asked me to attend placements and see if I could get a job first. I cried like a baby in front of my dad, chairman and HOD. Never felt so humiliated in my life ever before. None of my batch mates knew what happened during counseling. Didn’t go to college for next 2 days.I did not attend convocation along with my batchmates since I hadn’t finished my exams and took a break from college. I didn’t want to graduate from this college. Some Professors told me I was fit for herding cows and nothing else.
Its sad to hear that these rules still exist and students have to go through 4 years of hell!


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