Hip Hop Tamizha Replied To The Comedians Who Made Fun Of His Songs ??

For past few days, a particular video clip of stand up comedian Jagan Krishnan making fun of the album made by music director Hip Hop Tamizha for the movie “Natpe Thunai”, is doing rounds in the micro blogging social media site. Hip Hop Tamizha who gave blockbuster albums such as Thani Oruvan, Imaikka Nodigal etc is also acting as a protagonist in films. His first two films “Meesaya Murukku” and “Natpe Thunai” received positive reviews from the audience and “Naan Sirithaal” was his recent attempt as hero. Sundar C’s Avni Groups which produced Adhi’s first two heroic films ‘Meesaya Murukku’ and ‘Natpe Thunai’ bankrolled his third film as well.


The show titled as “Acadummy Award” is currently streaming in youtube with 2 Lakh plus views. It is based on four stand up comedians including Jagan Krishnan trolling the Tamil movies released in the last year and providing them parody awards. A particular 2 minute clipping from this 2 hour long show, is going insanely viral in Twitter since it got surfaced in youtube.

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Stand up comedian Jagan Krishnan, in the award category named as “Oh Maha Seeya Award For Best Lyrics”, gave the first place to the songs of Hip Hop Aadhi’s “Natpe Thunai”. In his show, Jagan said that Hip Hop Aadhi haven’t worked for the lyrics at all instead he adapted them from other songs and films. He compared the “Aathadi enna odambi” with the performance of Ramar in Vijay TV, “Vengae Mavan” with Kaala and a romantic song with a popular comedy scene of Vivekh in “Budget Padmanaban” movie.

Jagan himself shared the video in his Twitter timeline with a caption saying “Soli mudinch” (Job done). Watch the clipping that is going viral below :

Now, a tweet has been surfaced in the official twitter account of Hip Hop Aadhi which is widely speculated as a reply tweet to this show. The musician who wrote the tweet with a title “Thought of the day”, said “Don’t make a life out of depending on someone”.

“The money and fame you make out of mocking someone’s work will not last long. While kneeling down in front of someone to make a life out of it, not only your knee will get damage but there are chances for it to break permanently if your time is worst” Hip Hop added.


“Thought for the day: ஊன்றி பிழைக்காதே! ஆம், ஒருவரின் உழைப்பை ஏளனம் செய்து அதில் நீ சேர்க்கும் பணமோ, புகழோ நிலைக்காது. ஒருவர் முன் மண்டியிட்டு அவரை ஊன்றி ஊன்றி நீ பிழைக்கும் போது உன் முட்டி தேய்ந்து போவது மட்டுமல்ல, சூழ்நிலை சரியில்லை என்றால் உடைந்தும் போகலாம்” read the tweet of Aadhi.

Here’s his tweet :

On seeing this tweet, many of his 14 lakh twitter followers speculated that it is a tweet targeted on the group of stand up comedians who belong to “Acadummy awards”. Check out some of their reactions :


Jagan Krishnan of “Acadummy Awards” has retweeted this tweet of Aadhi and is yet to make a reply.


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