Here’s What Pen Eraser Is Actually Meant For.!!

Remember a maroon-blue coloured eraser in your childhood? Yes, I’m talking about the pen eraser which is familiar to the 90’s kids. Most of us think that the maroon coloured part is used to erase our mistakes made with a pencil and blue coloured part is used to correct the mistakes made with a pen. But this was a famous misconception we had in our childhood. Blue part was not actually meant for correcting mistakes made by a pen. Then why is it used for?

Here is the answer to this question:

The blue part is used for erasing pencil marks on heavy grades of paper (which will not tear easily) whereas the maroon/pink/orange part is used for erasing pencil marks on light grades of paper i.e the paper which would tear easily.
Confusion regarding this pen eraser started when some companies printed a pen nib symbol on blue part and pencil symbol on the other part. But this is not the actual usage of this eraser.
Image Source: Google Images
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