Here’s What The NGOs Want After Jallikattu

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After quite a fuss and fumble and amidst all the issues going on many places in Tamil Nadu witnessed the Jallikattu events happening. Amidst all the hypocrisy the youngsters were able to withheld the culture of our state, something which has made all of proud.

The case was filed by PETA.a NGO aimed at improving animal lives. The ban on using animals for sports was strengthened more by their plea to the supreme court. The Jallikattu events which were conducted on basis of temporary judgments during the last few years, seemed it had a very little chances of happening this year.

Although Jallikattu events happened all across the state, the NGOs are aimed at a full scale protest against this. But their wrath doesn’t stop with the Jallikattu ban. Now, they want our dairy animals too.

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Now, after PETA another NGO with the name of World Animal Protection India has reported that a survey has led them to the idea of banning all the dairies across India. They quote that these animal  husbandry lack basic amenities and the animals which are grown in them should be given a better life.

The idea just makes us all laugh. We all know with how much care and affection all these dairy animals are grown in the outskirts of our state. It always feel different, growing in a secluded small and happy home and a posh hostel, we’d all wish for the small home. These people doesn’t seem to understand how world works and let’s just hope we put some brain into them.    


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