Here’s A Video Which Tells Why You Should Vote!


Voting is not only your
right but also your duty!

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Our previous
article on casting your vote was stressing on the fact that voting is your right
and you shouldn’t be bribed and get sold for it. As much as we imbibed that
fact, we did want another awareness to be created among us. Voting is not only your right but also your

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As people of
this state we do make our demands. We speak up when something doesn’t happen
that was promised to us. We even do all the blaming that’s necessary when
things go haywire. But have we once stopped and thought – “Did we do our part correctly to question others?!”

Yes, we fail
to do that, isn’t it? Our foremost duty comes to the part where we have to do
the proper voting. It’s our duty to cast our vote as much as it is for the government
to do their duty to the people, as much as it for the political leaders to keep
their promises they made.
Failing to
do a simple act, that is none other than our own duty, is pathetic beyond
description. We feel lazy to stand in the queue and stamp our vote. We feel is
it really necessary to vote despite the fact that someone is going to be the
leader anyway. We think that when we don’t vote, your single uncast vote is not
going to make any difference.
Just one
question to you all who think this way – Do
you have the rights to question or blame the authorities that they failed in
their duties when you yourself failed to do your single duty properly??

Think again.
Think wider. Think that this is your duty to set things right and make a
difference. Think that you’ve the power in your hand. And please cast your vote. It’s your right as well as YOUR PROFOUND

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Watch the video to the know the
importance of why you should vote:


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