Here’s The Reason Why We Love Modi !! : You Will Start Loving Him After Reading This For Sure !!

CM / Updated: 2018-05-31
13:59 IST

In the past 16 days, petrol and diesel prices were hiked in the range of Rs. 3.22-3.99 per litre in the four metros, on the back of a rise in global crude oil prices and weakness in the rupee against the US dollar. Prices vary from state-to-state depending on local sales tax or VAT. Delhi has the cheapest price among all metros and most state capitals.



Petrol price (in Rs. per litre) Diesel price (in Rs. per litre)
31-May 30-May 30-Apr 31-May 30-May 30-Apr
Delhi 78.35 78.42 74.63 69.25 69.3 65.93
Kolkata 80.98 81.05 77.32 71.8 71.85 68.63
Mumbai 86.16 86.23 82.48 73.73 73.78 70.2
Chennai 81.35 81.42 77.43 73.12 73.17 69.56

Yesterday’s Petrol price in Chennai was ₹ 81.35 . The price of Petrol being ₹ 77.65 in the last month and the average price of Petrol in Chennai in the last month is ₹ 79.76. Latest news show that the petrol diesel prices have been subjected to constant change.


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PM Modi, who arrived in Kuala Lumpur today on the second leg of his three-nation tour, met Prime Minister Mahathir in his office at Perdana Putra Complex, Putrajaya. Earlier, the Prime Minister’s Office said that PM Modi will be discussing aspects relating to India-Malaysia cooperation with Prime Minister Mahathir. He has not uttered a word yet either on Sterlite Killings in Tamilnadu or about the massive petrol price hike in India.

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News surfaced that Modi Government’s target is to increase the petrol price to 100 Rs. in order to solve the Indian citizen’s problem of getting change in petrol bunks. The government also planned to invent 85 Rs. currency note to get rid of this problem seemingly. It will be very handy for every Indian citizen and they sure will hail the government if any of these scheme implemented.

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Meanwhile a facebook post made us all wrong and it proved Modi was a people’s leader. Infact Modi raised voice against several issues that faced by the Indian people and this evidence particularly shows that he raised voice against the massive petrol price hike and he does not liked people suffering from it. The only bad thing about the facebook post is that it was posted 6 years ago by Modi when he was not a Prime minister of India.

Facebook users digged out the old post and expressing their love towards him now for his kind words and concern for the people.




This post from Narendra Modi clearly proves that he is very much concerned and takes good care of his people when he was not in the post which also indicates that the only thing that stops him from being nice to his people is his Prime Minister post. If we people firmly decide to take off the burden from our Modi, he sure will continue to pour the love to his people like he used to be in the past.

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