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Here’s The Reaction Of Dancer Sathish After Seeing Kamal’s Hosting Yesterday !! He Heavily Criticized Kamal Earlier !!



Here’s The Reaction Of Dancer Sathish After Seeing Kamal’s Hosting Yesterday !! He Heavily Criticized Kamal Earlier !!

Bigg Boss Tamil 2 is the ongoing second season of the reality TV game show Bigg Boss Tamil, hosted by Ulaganayagan Kamal Haasan. This season has 16 housemates with 60 cameras. Actor Vijayalakshmi Feroz recently entered the ongoing second season of Bigg Boss Tamil as a wild-card entry.

Bigg Boss Tamil 2 Wild-card entry Vijayalakshmi avoids Mahat Raghavendra

Mahat Raghavendra has courted a string of controversies for his aggressive behavior towards other contestants. Especially, his hostility towards Mumtaz has garnered him a lot of flak both from the co-contestants and the audience.


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Mahat is at the bottom four this week along with Mumtaz, Balaji and Sendrayana. Going by the trends, it may not come as a surprise if Mahat gets eliminated this week.

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So many online media users opened their thoughts on the show while the show was streaming. Dancer/Actor Sathish is one of them. Sathish being a big time Bigg Boss follower he expressed his views on several issues of the show. Earlier he showed his uttermost hatred towards Aishwarya for her behaviour in the dictatorship task.

tamil actor satish photos endrendrum tamil movie 6e3e48d

The way she disrespected Balaji and Rithvika while doing the task made him hate her literally. Through his tweets it is evident that he expected that Kamal Haasan will thrash Aishwarya for her behaviour. Though he asked Aishwarya about the task and her behaviour Sathish not convinced it seems. His series of tweets on that weekend expressed that he literally hated the way Kamal hosted it. He thought that Kamal using the stage only for his political forum.

Dancer Sathish Directly Bashing Kamal Haasan !! For His Way Of Hosting BIGG BOSS !!

In Yesterday’s Bigg Boss show Kamal entered the stage by asking audience what is their demand to which they responded that they want Kamal to roast Mahat, Aishwarya and Yashika. By promising them to do the same Kamal met the housemates and bashed Mahat in every possible way.


He also screened a Kurumpadam (short film) for Mahat which showed him abusing Mumtaz all the week in the name of task. Kamal Haasan also questioned Aishwarya and Yashika. Aishwarya nearly broke into tears and said that she lost her confidence of winning the show.

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On seeing the show Dancer Sathish who posted tweets against Kamal in the earlier, praised him for this episode through his tweets. At first he asked “Kamal sir thalikarara?” (Is Kamal Sir Roasting ??)


For this tweet a twitter user replied “It’s too partial y only mahat mumtaz is very cunning even she should get some class.”

For this Sathish said “This is the problem u want Kamal sir to voice out if he does u want it ur way wait for the turns”

Sathish also retweeted one of his followers comment which said “My God, Today only you did the right thing, I’m emotionally happy, they will only lay low only if you oppress them like this”

abc 2

In his next tweet he praised Kamal’s metaphor of comparing Yashika to camera which is also shows that he is no more a hater of Kamal’s hosting.


Well, here’s what people responded to him :

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